Grand Duchess

The Grand Duchess condo is a four-bedroom home that has been styled with each colour and accessory being carefully curated and designed to emulate an exceptionally sumptuous vibe creating an upscale aesthetic, with all the trappings of comfort and luxury within.


Sommerville Park

Designed on the Contemporary Tropical design concept, this Sommerville Park condo has been refurbished to the nines. Featuring an open-floor layout, polished finishes and an austere aesthetic, this residence is the height of chic sophistication.


OUE Twin Peaks

With clever interior design and fully equipped, this apartment oozes charm and timeless chic. Strategic lighting and Zen elements drawn from Asian cultures create an atmosphere of calm and order, much-needed for a busy traveller and businessman.


Emerald Hill

Home Guide was brought in to create an interior design concept to work with the Peranakan style of this conservation terrace house in Emerald hill. By using traditional Balinese elements and classic styling, the final result is a seamless study in elegance.


AIG Building Software Company

The idea from the designers was to create an interactive workspace with an ‘agile-office’ concept like that of Google Headquarters LA. The overall ambiance is high-end corporate with a dash of deluxe that makes the aesthetic seem upscale but friendly.


Dental Surgery Clinic @ NeWest

Dentistry is a unique profession that needs specially designed spaces. Two retail storefronts were creatively refurbished by Home Guide Design to retrofit all the necessities of a dental clinic including a reception, waiting, X-ray room, 4 consultation rooms and more.


Nid D’oiseaux

Delivered in dim gold lighting, crisp white walls & a casually upscale ambience by French inspired interior design, Nid D’oiseaux was designed to be simple & elegant to properly highlight their distinctive works of art and how they fit into everyday life.


Ki-mono @ OneKM

A re-design of the Ki-mono furniture store interior at OneKM Mall re-defined the storefront while a neutral colour palette and addition of a few Japanese style elements resulted in a bright, perfectly Zen space for Ki-mono and its products to shine.

Interior Design Singapore

With Home Guide

With over 25 years of experience in the interior design business, Home Guide has firmly established itself in the highest echelon of Singapore’s interior design firms. Our design professionals have an unparalleled track record of delivering top-quality designs for a wide variety of living and working spaces. Additionally, our commitment to a safe working environment and a top-notch customer experience is second to none, exemplified by accreditations including registration as a HDB renovation contractor and membership in CaseTrust and BizSafe.

Interior Designs for Comfortable Living

Home is where the heart is, and home is where Home Guide got its start. Since 1992, Home Guide has been creating landed, condominium, and HDB residences into personalized living spaces reflective of the people who dwell within them. From the beginning, the design experts at Home Guide have strived to achieve the perfect balance between aesthetic tastes and functional solutions for living spaces of all kinds throughout Singapore.

Retail Interiors That Sell

The best retail space establishes the retailer’s brand and provides high quality experiences to their customers. The design experts at SORDC have been orchestrating retail interiors that do just that for clients all over Singapore. Our designers offer a wealth of experience in building retail interiors for a wide variety of retailers that reflect their corporate identity and promote their brand’s image in unique and tasteful ways.

Efficient Office Interiors

Functionality and ergonomic design are paramount when developing an office space. SORDC’s design experts are amongst Singapore’s best when it comes to constructing office spaces with these considerations in mind. SORDC’s interior designers have a long track record of planning office spaces to meet the needs and wants of clients in Singapore. They are capable of planning spaces for firms seeking both traditional and contemporary aesthetics, and incorporating each firm’s unique branding and corporate identity along the way.