2-Room Flats Gain Popularity, How to Make the Most of Them

2-Room Flats Gain Popularity, How to Make the Most of Them

More two-room built to order (BTO) flats will be offered in the non-mature towns of Choa Chu Kang, Tengah and Woodlands, a recent announcement from February 24, 2020 reads. This increase has resulted from demographic shifts in Singapore and regulatory changes that simplified home ownerships for certain groups.

A 2013 rule change allowed singles aged 35 or older to buy a new apartment as a first-time applicant. As a result of the change, 15,700 people purchased a new home and this new demand drove the interest in the smaller flats up.

Of these 15,700 people, 7,700 have already collected the keys and come in possession. So, how can the new owners make the most of a two-room flat? A bit of planning and some remodelling work can open up additional space. The selection of the right interior design concept for a two-room flat is also essential to reduce the risk of clutter.

A Quick Overview of the Scheme

The scheme is created to address the needs of singles, elderly individual and young families that do not have children yet.

The purchase and ownership conditions vary. Seniors, for example, qualify for their flat under the Housing and Development Board’s (HDB) two-room Flexi Scheme. Seniors are also free to pick the length of flat lease.

Prior to the change introduced in 2013, senior Singaporeans were solely entitled to acquiring a resale flat.

HDB announced that the supply of two-room flats has remained steady ever since the introduction of the regulatory changes. Since 2014, the average has been about 4,000 units per annum. The increase announced now is to accommodate for the growing interest in smaller properties. HDB reported that the additional two-bedroom flats will be launched as a part of upcoming May and August BTO exercises.

The HDB is tasked with the ongoing monitoring of housing needs in Singapore. Because more singles are looking forward to home ownership, the availability of more two-room BTO flats was announced for the exercises coming up in 2020.

In addition, HDB has undertaken several other initiatives to support flat ownership among younger people who are still single.

Those who acquired a flat before September 11, 2019 benefited from a housing grant of up to 40,000 dollars. This funding was comprised of an Additional Central Provident Fund grant (up to 20,000 dollars) and a Special CFT Housing Grant (also up to 20,000 dollars).

The monthly income ceiling requirement was also changed in September 2019. It was increased from 6,000 to 7,000 dollars for eligible first-time buyers who are single and aged 35 or older.

Singapore’s population is growing, which means that the share of singles is also increasing. As a result, official entities like the HDB need to conceptualise new housing policies that cater to the needs of this growing segment. According to official research, the number of single Singaporeans was 918,700 people in 2008. It has reached 1.057 million people in 2018 – an increase of approximately 15 per cent.

Making the Most of a Two-Room BTO Flat

A two-room BTO flat will benefit from minimalist or contemporary interior design aimed at optimising the space.

Scandinavian-inspired interiors and other functional solutions get rid of clutter. All of the elements serve a specific purpose. In addition, smart furniture is chosen to free up some additional space. Clever furniture can serve multiple purposes (for example – a bed that’s foldable and doubles as a storage unit), enabling the home owner to acquire fewer pieces without making a compromise with style or comfort.

Space-starved two-room flats will also benefit from the right colour scheme and the clever use of natural light.

Colours like white and light beige reflect light, which creates the illusion of more space. The same applies to the strategic placement of mirrors. The reflective surface bounces off the light and it also creates the feel of a bigger apartment.

Finally, an open floor concept can be executed if you’re looking for more extensive work. The removal of partitions makes every single space look bigger. There are still clever opportunities for ensuring privacy and having peaceful corners where you can enjoy undisturbed experiences. to execute a high quality open floor apartment renovation, however, you’ll need to select the right professionals to partner up with.

Every Singapore interior design company has extensive experience with two-room BTO flats. These provide excellent opportunities for the introduction of smart upgrades and clever solutions that boost sustainability, provide sufficient storage space and reflect the aesthetic preferences of the owner at the same time.

Getting Started with the Transformation of Your BTO Apartment

The execution of an interior design project can be quite costly. Luckily, opportunities exist to bring down the expenditure without reducing the amount of work that’s going to be done.

To create the living space of your dreams, you have to select the right Singapore residential interior designer.

Home Guide’s team loves working with small spaces, showing owners the amazing potential that such apartments have. In addition, we have done our best to give clients access to both reliable and affordable solutions.

If you want to get a better idea of what we can do for you, please check out the Home Guide residential portfolio. Alternatively, get in touch with us right now to discuss your specific vision for the two-room BTO flat and the ways in which that vison can be brought to reality.

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