2019 Inspiring Office Décor Ideas

2019 Inspiring Office Décor Ideas

A modern Singapore office is functional, trendy and industry-relevant. It provides the right working conditions while also exuding that “wow” aspect of interior design.

Corporate environments today don’t have to be sterile and based on one and the same take of the business décor. There are various hot and trendy office décor ideas you can introduce in your work space right now.

Layered Textures

Layered textures will be a hot aspect of office interior design in 2019.

Many offices opt for monochromatic décor ideas that lack pattern or texture. Navy blue, grey, black and white are considered standard corporate colours because they’re neutral and they have a corporate feel to them.

Such monochromatic solutions, however, look lifeless and lacking in energy. This is especially the case when it comes to the design of creative spaces and office areas where the exchange of ideas takes place. Parts of the office where employees socialise will also benefit from something a bit brighter and much more unusual.

Layered textures can be accomplished in several ways – through the introduction of rugs, fabrics, wall carpets with geometric shapes, quilts and soft furnishing. They add a bit of a “homey” feel to the office through their warmth and intriguing appearance. Hence, employee will feel much more welcomed and predisposed to spend long periods of time in the office.

A Meditation and Massage Corner

Adding a zen corner to the office is a great interior design idea to adopt in 2019.

Relaxation is vital for overcoming everyday stress and ensuring productivity, even during the most stressful work periods.

Experience-driven spaces allow for space optimisation and the prioritisation of the positive experience workers will have during the day.

A zen, meditation and massage corner is very easy to create as a part of the office’s leisure area. Greenery, a massage chair, a comfy couch, soft colours, incense, candles and even a relaxing photographic wallpaper can take employees to a place of peacefulness.

Creating a meditation corner is far from expensive but it will provide one of the best experience-driven spaces in the office. If you’re interested in giving employees more than one experience, you could also opt for an espresso lounge, a chiropractor consultation space or a music room.

Mobile Furniture

the modern office layout is no longer static. The needs of work teams change all the time, which is why the office décor should be effortless to modify.

Lightweight, mobile furniture will dominate the corporate scene in 2019 and the years beyond.

When an office has lightweight furniture and accessories, the interior space can be rearranged quickly in any way deemed appropriate. Apart from furniture, you may also want to consider wall dividers and lightweight separators that will create private little corners for contemplation and creative work.

Choose lightweight chairs and tables that feature wheels for the purpose of sliding around. Large bean bags and mobile whiteboards will also contribute to the functionality and the flexibility of the office space.

Antique and Weathered Textures

The exact opposite of minimalism, antique or weathered office interior design will definitely make an impression.

In fact, weathered textures can be put alongside contemporary solutions like sleek stainless steel surfaces. The juxtaposition will result in a visually pleasing and very dynamic “old meets new” interior design concept.

Singapore interior design professionals love such contrasts because they bring together the best aspects of both worlds. A delicate and intricate woodcarving placed on the wall in a modern office will immediately draw attention. It will also give some warmth and old-school charm to a clean and functional environment that may be somewhat lacking in personality.

Repurposed and Recycled Items

If you want to take the “old meets new” office décor idea a step further, you can go for recycled and repurposed items.

Giving items that would be discarded a second chance will result in a unique office ambiance. In addition, such interior design solutions are a great choice for companies working towards increasing business sustainability and the adoption of green solutions.

An old crate, for example, can easily be transformed in a coffee table for a meeting room. Old clipboards can be hung on the wall to hold art or facilitate the exchange of ideas.

There are dozens of ways to reuse old office supplies and items that would otherwise be discarded or recycled. Let your interior designer know you’re looking into the idea and together, you’ll come up with creative and relevant solutions.

Living Green Walls

You can take office plants a step further by designing a living green wall for the office. It looks relaxing, it adds some texture to the interior and indoor plants can produce various health benefits for the inhabitants of the space.

Many landscape and gardening service providers can help with the creation of a green office wall that features different plants but that is also easy to maintain in an optimal condition.

If you don’t want to work on the maintenance of an entire living wall, you can have planting containers hung in rows on the wall. All you’ll have to do in this instance is water the plants and enjoy the beautiful texture they’ll bring to the office. Once again, contrast and juxtaposition will work here to make the interior design dynamic and distinctive.

There are no rules and static templates to follow when it comes to choosing inspiring office décor ideas. In 2019, rules are made to be broken. Think about your core areas of competence and the needs of your workers. You can also get them involved in the process to pinpoint the most attractive ideas.

When you know what you’re trying to accomplish, you’ll simply be left with contacting the interior design team in Singapore that can handle the project. Home Guide has worked on a range of innovative office décor solutions. Check out our portfolio or get in touch with us today to find more.

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