Nid Doiseaux

Nid D’oiseaux is a cozy store that specializes in antiques and other handmade objects. So the retail interior design concept of this outlet was to feature all these products in the best light. The overall interior design was therefore simple and understated – a backdrop for the actual products on display, but still snazzy enough to keep any customer hooked on the ambience. This store was also chosen by Starhub to be used in their Christmas advertising campaign.

As in any retail, the display was to be given special consideration. This resulted in a bright white color scheme that would definitely make the handmade gifts and decorations pop.

Additionally, the ambience was inspired by the delicate elegance of contemporary French interiors and nature. Since there are no shopping malls in the area, the shop exterior has to be paid special attention. Its bright yellow exterior is reminiscent of beautiful sidewalk boutiques.