HomeAlive 360° by Home Guide is a brand new interactive feature that allows homeowners to view their dream home in an entirely different way.

With 360-degree viewing and 3D visualization created by our Singapore interior design team, you can digitally step into your home and experience your potential living space as if you were actually there!

HomeAlive 360° is a huge game changer for homeowners who are uncertain about how their preferred designs will turn out in real life. It allows you to realistically observe and experience how your home will look and even feel like after undergoing professional design and renovations.


Bishan Street 12 Resale HDB

This Bishan street resale HDB apartment was completely redesigned to create the contemporary elegant space seen here. The materials chosen include light blonde ash, marble, and rich green fabric, all of which create an inviting, cohesive home interior design which is considered in more detail here.

The use of materials was consistent throughout the home creating a sense of flow, evident as you move through the 360-degree view. Natural light illuminates every space and was combined with other eco-friendly features to make this home not only beautiful but environmentally sensitive too.