HomeAlive 360° Tour

HomeAlive 360° by Home Guide is a brand new interactive feature that allows homeowners to view their dream home in an entirely different way.

With 360-degree viewing and 3D visualization created by our Singapore interior design team, you can digitally step into your home and experience your potential living space as if you were actually there!

HomeAlive 360° is a huge game changer for homeowners who are uncertain about how their preferred designs will turn out in real life. It allows you to realistically observe and experience how your home will look and even feel like after undergoing professional design and renovations.

Harbourfront Condo


This 3 bedder apartment was one that was designed with purpose and finished with elegance. It is the precise choices of material that embodied the idea of luxury and comfort. As you explore the space with our 360º interactive video, you will notice how our team has concealed a door in the wall panelling behind the dining table that leads to the master bedroom and guest room. Our team had also planned for concealed storage and shoe cabinet in the living room to maintain clean lines and to avoid visual clutter. Also, check out the other notable areas of dry kitchen, study and master bedroom! The colour palette of greys and dark wood is perfectly paired and executed throughout the home to give unison in the overall design style.

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