4 Most Important Master Bedroom Decorating Rules

4 Most Important Master Bedroom Decorating Rules

The master bedroom is one of the most important places in the house. This is where you escape from your hectic, busy existence. It’s also the place where you spend quality time with a significant other. Hence, the design of a master bedroom should be peaceful and harmonious.

There are many design directions to explore as far as bedroom design goes. Choosing the right one is all about your personality and preferences. Some people like serene environments that are minimalist and clean. Others would opt for a more ornate, bohemian style.

Regardless of the aesthetic direction that you favour over others, there are a number of rules to follow when designing a master bedroom so that it can become your ultimate retreat. These will result in a balanced concept and a room décor that you’d want to enjoy time and time again.

The Bed – Your Primary Focus

This one is a no brainer – the bed should be the focal point of the master bedroom.

Once you choose the right bed, you can base many other décor elements on its style.

You have many choices here – solid and large or streamlined and modern in appearance. A bed can have a large bedhead that will act as a design element or it can have beautiful, carved bedposts. One is more massive and it makes a very visible statement. The second option gives you a subtler design element that will still be impressive enough if you focus on craftsmanship and uniqueness.

Don’t just settle for a generic bed because that’s the one you find in the nearby furniture store.

A bed can be custom-made for you, especially if you have a particular idea or a concept you’d like to execute. It can also be designed with storage compartments underneath or a foldable frame to help you optimise the available space. Your home interior design company will usually be capable of recommending a knowledgeable carpenter who will give you a beautiful piece of furniture that’s unique and reasonably priced at the same time.

Play with Textiles

Instead of adding bold patterns on the walls (these can be difficult to change), play with the textiles in the master bedroom to explore various design concepts.

The best aspect of this approach is that you can easily change the décor when you grow tired of the current appearance of your master bedroom.

A bedroom employs many kinds of textiles, each one giving you a chance to experiment – bedsheets, duvets, spreads, carpets, curtains, pillows, etc.

You don’t have to choose one main pattern or colour and go with it for all of the textiles in the master bedroom. Such an approach will give you an interior design that’s too matchy-matchy. Instead, try mixing things up. Two different patterns can work really well together if they belong to the same family (for example – different geometric shapes). You can also go for a couple of distinctive colours that either work well together or that provide a bit of contrast.

Textiles give you one more opportunity to add dimension to the master bedroom interior design. There are textures to explore – silk, velvet, wool, felt, fur, etc. This tactile element can also increase the visual appeal of the décor or enforce a specific concept.

Always Plan for Plenty of Storage

Whether you live alone or with a partner, the master bedroom should provide ample storage space.

This is where you keep all of your clothes, valuables, sheets, extra blankets, towels, shoes and personal belongings. Even if you don’t have lots of stuff right now, you should definitely plan for the future.

Having enough storage space will keep items out of sight and prevent clutter from accumulating. A closet and a drawer chest are obvious choices for the bedroom. Storage space, however, can be created in a few additional ways.

A trunk at the foot of the bed is an excellent choice for the easy creation of some more storage. In addition, such a trunk can double as seating. Built-in shelves with sliding panels are another very clean and functional choice to put books, cosmetics and personal belongings away (while keeping them within easy reach).

Custom-designed organisation systems are the best choice, especially if you’re dealing with a fairly small flat. And while custom-made pieces tend to be a bit more expensive than mass-manufactured items in furniture stores, they will definitely add a lot of value to your flat.

Lighting is Important

While you’ll be doing quite a lot of sleeping in the master bedroom, it’s still a good idea to choose the right lighting. Proper illumination isn’t just needed to see what’s going on inside the room. It also sets the mood and enhances the décor.

A master bedroom should have several lighting options.

Ambient lighting is the one that sets the mood in the entire space. A standing lamp or spotlights can be used to highlight certain parts of the bedroom (like your favourite armchair where you like to do a lot of reading).

Finally, you can have a few accent lights that will provide soft illumination and even a bit of colour to certain parts of the master bedroom.

These are the most important elements to focus on when choosing master bedroom décor. By making the right choices, you’ll be elevating the design and giving yourself a space worth spending hours in.

To make your master bedroom the a beautiful space to retreat to at the end of the day, it has to be an important part of your home renovation. Contact Home Guide if you’d like to run your idea by the professionals or if you’d like us to come up with a comprehensive interior design concept from scratch.

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