4 Ways to Create a Sleep Sanctuary in Your Bedroom

4 Ways to Create a Sleep Sanctuary in Your Bedroom

Refreshing in the morning or relaxing during the evening? Your bedroom is the ultimate retreat you resort to for these purposes — and more. So, it is essential to fill the room with tranquility and peace, especially because it is where you recharge during the night. In fact, you may have noticed, the best days always begin with a great night’s sleep.

If you’re ready to transform your home interior design, keep reading for our top 4 ways to create a sleep sanctuary in your bedroom.

Invest in High-Quality Materials

The average Singaporean spends one-third of their life sleeping, studies suggest. So purchasing high-end materials is an investment worth making. Purchase a high-quality mattress that provides the right support for your body — and helps achieve good back health. Build upwards with plenty of throw blankets and comfortable pillows (here’s how to arrange pillows on a bed). The same applies to bedding; from luxurious silk to super soft cotton, there are plenty of options.

Use the Right Scents

Certain scents can help you relax, and, hence, improve your sleep. Common examples include:

Lavender — has a relaxing and calming effect

Vanilla — can help you unwind and get your mind off everything else

Jasmine — relieves stress and can help you sleep better

Bonus— Soundscapes, such as nature sounds, can help block out other noise and contribute to a more peaceful sleep.

Ensure Comfortable Temperature and Light Levels

Sleeping soundly heavily relies on the temperature of the room, so turn the thermostat up (or down) to meet your needs. Generally, the temperature of the room should be somewhere around 16-18 °C  , while that under your duvet should be around 29 °C .

Likewise, ensuring comfortable levels of light is important. Use soft, dimmable bedside lamps to set the ambiance. If you live in a busy area, you may also want to consider blackout curtains/shades.

Declutter the Space

A clutter-free space really helps with mental well-being and makes you feel at peace. So, get rid of all unnecessary items and leverage storage solutions to keep your essentials out of sight (but easy to reach). Tip— Keep technology out of the room; the hour before bed should be screen-free for multiple reasons.

Let’s Create a Sleep Sanctuary

A sleep sanctuary that can help you sleep better comes with mindful design choices. And if you wish to go the extra mile— consider adding touches of personalization to make sure your bedroom brings you joy.

If you’d like a professional hand with your bedroom design, Home Guide, an interior design company in Singapore, would love to help you. And you’re just a message away from connecting with our home renovation company.

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