5 Basic Components For An Attractive Retail Experience

5 Basic Components For An Attractive Retail Experience

What makes up an attractive retail interior? Is it the whimsy of a theme? Or is it a bold yet relaxing ambience? Or is it the quality display of the merchandise?

The concept of branding and identity has redefined how retail interior designers in Singapore are shaping shopping spaces and how customers are now expecting more than just a destination to buy what they need, some even see it as therapy! Brick and mortar retail is now facing huge competition from not only new entrants to the market, but also new online shopping destinations that are sprouting up by the minute. With so many new choices, falling prices and increased spending power,  a sloppy retail interior can not only cost the company an entire client base, it can also alienate potential customers. So, here are 5 basic components for an attractive and wholesome retail experience.

The Overall Concept

Retail Interior Design Concept

Coming up with a cohesive concept is an extremely important aspect of any retail interior design. People tend to revel in the overall experience of shopping, and a good concept can make that experience worthwhile and memorable. Many retail outlets are warming up to the concept of green design and biophilia, while others prefer a decidedly rustic or industrial outlook.

Branding and Graphics

Retail Graphics and Branding - Charles and Keith

Flex posters and relevant graphics have become an inherent part of in-store visuals. Both are intertwined and together, they represent one third of the entire retail experience. While the C&K of Charles & Keith is iconic enough, it is the way their graphics are emulated in the retail interior design itself that makes an impression on the customer’s minds.

Well Crafted Name and Logo

Name and Logo - Hermes Retail Store

What would Audi be without those thee interwoven circles that make up its logo? Or what would Hermes look like if not for that beautiful horse drawn carriage in its logo? Coming up with a memorable name and crafting an impactful  logo are extremely important factors in representing a retail outlet. For example, the designers can make the logo part of the interior design itself while a specific colour palette can be created to match the branding with the retail outlet colour scheme.

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity - Betjeman & Barton

A corporate identity is referred to the way a company or a brand represents themselves and their company image to the general population. In case of retail interior design, the general public includes the customers, the employees and even the investors. This part of the retail world is intrinsically related to marketing – i.e. what kind of strategies are employed in order to garner public appeal and/or interest. This is obviously relevant to interior design as well. A retail outlet is essentially a representation of a company’s corporate identity. Therefore, it must be consistent with the corporate identity and brand design.

Story Telling

Telling a Story - Nid D’oiseaux

With every retail interior design, you’re essentially crafting a story with the customer, your company and your products as the main characters. This means that the customer is being guided through a story with space design, product placement, graphic design and compelling copy with how the customers interact with the store and products as a key part of the experience. Just make sure not to add the butt-brush effect as part of the experience!

All of these components are extremely important for designing a wholesome retail interior design. Home Guide are experts at using these small parts and creating a nice whole out of them.

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