5 Big Home Storage Mistakes and How to Fix Those

5 Big Home Storage Mistakes and How to Fix Those

Do you feel like no matter what you do, the storage space in your home is insufficient? Are you always trying to organise belongings just to have them in piles on top of tables and drawers? If that’s the case, you’re probably making a couple of key storage mistakes.

Finding enough room for everything in a small flat can be a challenge. Still, you can employ strategic reorganisation to make things happen. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t have the knowledge and vision professional interior designers possess. As a result, they end up making mistakes that result in chaos.

1. Clinging to Things

Before moving on to discussing reasons why your storage space doesn’t make sense, let’s talk about the mother of all problems.

Very often, the availability of space isn’t the biggest issue. Keeping things you don’t need is.

We are sentimental creatures and as such, we often hang on to lots of stuff. Old books, mementos, souvenirs, clothes, dishes, home décor items can easily lead to clutter. You’ll probably classify some of these items as potential treasures you’ll make use of in the future. You know in your heart, however, that the time for them to shine is never going to come.

Take some time to go through the things that are collecting dust and awaiting better days. If you aren’t needing these items right now, chances are you wouldn’t turn to them in the future.

Anything that has “potential” and could be useful one day should be gotten rid of. Life is too short to stuff your environment with needless possessions. Instead, focus on the items that you truly love and enjoy. These are the ones to prioritise in your home décor.

2. Stacking Storage Bins on Top of Each Other

Storage bins, whether they’re made of plastic or another readily available material, provide a simple and convenient option. They create extra storage space. You can buy them in all shapes and sizes and these can be placed inconspicuously to make use of under-utilised nooks and crannies.

The problem arises from having too many storage bins and stacking them on top of each other.

First of all, this storage solution will look ugly and it will take away from the charm of your home.

Also, stacking storage bins makes it very difficult to get to the things that you need. Eventually, you will use the bins for items you don’t need and use often. Eventually, you will forget about these belongings and the bins will become a part of the clutter you’re trying to control.

Instead of stacking, use shelves to separate bins and make their contents accessible. Open front storage bins give you another convenient choice, plus they’re a lot more aesthetically pleasing that the traditional plastic bin with a lid.

3. Not Using Overhead and Narrow Spaces

Clutter usually results from horizontal interior design choices.

Most furniture pieces and storage units take up horizontal space. That can be a problem in a smaller HDB flat.

Neglecting overhead and narrow spaces deprives you of amazing opportunities to place additional storage units without making the room appear too crowded.

Narrow storage solutions are especially great for small rooms. While such shelves or a narrow cabinet will need to be custom-made, you’ll get an excellent return on investment and a ton of usability.

The area above eye level is another great choice for the placement of shelves. These shouldn’t be too high up because you’ll find them difficult to reach. Still, look above the traditional placement to discover little areas you can populate with shelves and make good use of.

4. Lacking Storage Sub-Divisions

A large storage bin is very much useless unless you choose some form of internal organisation.

If you have a very big bin, you’ll only be capable of accessing the items that are on top of everything else. This fact negates the very use of such units. While they are big, only a small fraction of your belongings will be easy to reach.

Using internal organisers and smaller storage units for easier accessibility makes a lot of sense. And with so many inexpensive solutions on the market, there’s no excuse to just throw stuff inside a box and call it a day.

The same applies to closets and cabinets. Bins, baskets, boxes and clothes organisers all exist for a purpose. Give them a try and you’ll soon find out what works best for you.

5. Lacking Furniture with Built-in Storage

Multi-purpose furniture is lifesaving, especially if you have a space-starved flat.

The best thing is that you don’t need custom pieces to enjoy additional storage space. Many mass-manufactured items give you such possibilities.

Various bed models have built-in storage units underneath. The same applies to coffee tables, sofas and even ottomans.

These items give you convenience because you can tuck away certain kinds of items. The storage underneath the bed is ideal for the placement of linens and blankets. A coffee table can hold board games, books and the items needed to enjoy your favourite hobby.

Good storage starts with careful space planning and understanding of your lifestyle needs. Contact Home Guide if you want a professional home interior design company to take a look at your current situation and optimise your home for space.

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