5 Brilliant Storage Ideas for a Small Kitchen

5 Brilliant Storage Ideas for a Small Kitchen

When working on a home renovation project, you probably want to maximise the amount of available space. This is especially important for spaces like the kitchen that are highly functional. A small kitchen can pose many challenges when it comes to the storage of supplies, produce and ingredients.

Clever interior design for the kitchen can come to the rescue when it comes to making the most of the space. Even if you live in the tiniest Singapore apartment, you can employ a few clever tricks to create kitchen storage space in places where it didn’t exist before.

Hanging and Vertical Storage

Here is a very important rule of good interior design in Singapore especially where space is so limited – when horizontal space is limited, make use of vertical space.

There are many areas of the wall that can be utilized for kitchen storage. Hanging a simple pegboard is a great choice for a minimalist and modern kitchen. A pegboard can be used to hold utensils, pots and pans. This is a flexible storage solution that can grow or shrink depending on your needs.

A few simple shelves rather than kitchen cabinets will also be a great choice for vertical storage in a small kitchen. The lack of doors decreases the amount of space required for the installation of those. Open shelves can hold plates, jars of spices and other produce – there’s no limit when it comes to what you’re going to store there.

In case you already have kitchen cabinets installed in your HDB apartment, you can turn their tops into additional storage space. Since the top of the cabinet isn’t that easily accessible, use it for the placement of spare supplies and items you’re not going to need on a regular basis.

Make Use of the Small Nooks and Crannies

When having to work on small spaces,  experienced interior design companies will utilise every nook and cranny to bring up the storage capacity.

A kitchen will feature numerous such small spaces that can be transformed effortlessly.

A tilt-down drawer underneath the sink, for example, is a great choice for the storage of cleaning supplies. This way, you’ll have the entire cabinet underneath the kitchen available for the placement of larger items.

Pull-out shelves are also wonderful because they don’t occupy any space and they can be placed in corners or other areas that can’t be utilised in an alternative way.

The placement of shelves under the countertop of the kitchen island will enable you to make the most of another space that will typically be left unused. Small shelves will not interfere with seating arrangements and the space will be ideal for the placement of smaller items like condiments or shot glasses.

Use the Area above the Fridge

The fridge is a relatively big appliance. Once it gets installed, people tend to forget that a large area will be available on top of it. This large area will remain empty, which spells disaster in a small kitchen.

Install a storage unit in the space above the fridge. It doesn’t have to be fancy – something clean and open will do a good job. A few shelves can be placed on top of the fridge and it’s entirely up to you to decide what items you’re going to place there.

An open storage unit can feature pots, pans and spare cutting boards, for example. Since the design is open, those items will be easy to access regardless of the height. Alternatively, you can install a cabinet-style solution that will be a good choice for spare china and sets you’ve been gifted through the years and you don’t really know where to place.

Use Your Cabinets in More Than One Way

It’s easy to create additional storage space by using your kitchen cabinets creatively.

The side of a cabinet, for example, could easily be transformed into a vertical storage space. Just install a few hooks or a magnetic knife rack on the side to utilise a part of the cabinet that isn’t typically chosen for storage purposes.

Toe kick drawers are another great choice because they make good use of the lowest part of the cabinet.

Toe kick drawers are usually very slim and they can be installed in parts of the kitchen that aren’t going to be used in any other way. If you are considering a full kitchen remodelling or a house renovation, the addition of such small drawers will definitely be a practical choice for the kitchen.

Finally, the bottoms of the top cabinets can also be turned into storage areas. Adding hooks is great for holding small utensils, mugs and even spice jars. Make sure there’s enough space between the countertop and the bottom of the cabinets to prevent your work area getting too small.

Would Storage Be Possible Outside the Kitchen?

If you still need some space, your interior design team may recommend going outside the kitchen.

Would it be possible to take certain items out of the kitchen? If something isn’t needed for immediate food preparation, you should definitely seek for storage in the living room or the hallway.

Glasses for serving alcoholic beverages, for example, can be taken to the living room. This is where you’re likely to have parties with friends and the decision makes a lot of sense. Even a kitchen pantry can be taken out of the kitchen through the use of custom-made cabinets.

Just because you lack standard storage space does not mean you’ll have to give up on the hopes of having a well-organised and roomy kitchen. Working with the right design team can help you bring your home interior design concept to reality and explore options you would have never considered before.

Home Guide’s team knows what it takes to transform a small Singapore apartment. We’ve worked on multiple residential projects, making little spaces feel comfortable and bright rather than crammed.

Contact us today to begin the transformation of your apartment or kitchen. We’ll be more than thrilled to explore different options and to create a project that meets both your aesthetic and your functional requirements.

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