5 Colours That Are Affecting Your Mood Negatively (and Which Alternatives to Choose)

5 Colours That Are Affecting Your Mood Negatively (and Which Alternatives to Choose)

Colour psychology is a real thing – different tones have the power to affect your mood either positively or negatively.

This is one of the reasons why home guide interior designers dedicate a lot of time to selecting the right colour scheme for each home.

If you want to feel uplifted, energised and peaceful, you should be careful about the selection of wall paint and accessories in your home. Certain colours are known to impact mood negatively and should either be avoided altogether or used sparingly.

1. Dark Brown

How many people can honestly say that they love the colour brown? It’s a depressing tone that many consider ugly. Dark brown is even more gloomy than the lighter members of its family.

Brown likes the finesse and elegance linked to a sleek black. All it does is make a space look darker and more closed in. obviously, dark brown can be used sparingly as an accent (especially if you’ve chosen a natural or an earthly colour scheme). This tone, however, has the ability to quickly become overpowering in the most unpleasant of ways.

If you’re looking for natural and warm tones that you can use, pick beiges and yellows over brown. They give you some lightness and warmth that will make you feel cheered and happy even in the darkest of days.

2. Bright Red

There is nothing wrong with a beautiful red but this tone is considered quite aggressive. Bright red is an especially difficult choice to work with. Even in small quantities, it has the ability to scream at you and dominate a space.

In fact, several studies suggest that red is the most stressful colour because of its intensity.

Red is the colour that reminds us of danger and of anger. These are two things you don’t want to associate with your home – the space where you should be feeling the safest. Researchers have found out that red can reduce emotions and physical responses that are common for people currently undergoing a dangerous or stressful situation.

Using red as an accent colour is a completely different ball game, especially if it’s paired with a lighter tone. When the right shade of red is chosen, it can come to symbolise love and life. An earthy red tone is also a good pick because it lacks the aggressiveness of its brighter counterpart. Temper it down a little bit and you’ll immediately sense a change in the manner you’re responding to the colour.

3. Intense Yellow

While yellow pastels are soothing and reminiscent of the sunshine we all enjoy, intense yellow can be as overwhelming as red.

In others words, too much of a good thing can easily become a bad thing.

Studies suggest that the colour, especially if you’re staring at it for long periods of time, can affect the functioning of the nervous system. As a result, people start feeling irritated and even angry for no apparent reason.

A gentle yellow in combination with neutrals or other warm tones can work and make your home feel cosy. In order to make the most of such a challenging tone, however, you should probably consider partnering up with interior design company in Singapore.

4. Grey

Sometimes, dark grey can look really stylish and sophisticated. Generally, however, grey is considered a depressing colour that sucks the life and the light out of a room.

Monotonous and colourless, grey is deprived of joy. While it may seem sleek, you’ll have a difficult time smiling at an interior design concept executed mainly in grey hues.

Grey is a distant, aloof and emotionless colour. It’s just there – a transitional tone between black and white. But this tone has one major strength. It can work really well with just about any other tone, regardless of whether it’s warm or cold.

Pairing something brighter and more exciting with grey will ground the interior design and give it some depth. A peach or a pink tone, for example, will work so tremendously well with grey. These warm tones will “humanise” the impersonal colour and completely transform the way it’s being perceived.

5. Black

This one is a no-brainer when it comes to depressing colours.

Black is the colour of nothingness. It’s a gloomy tone. How are people who mostly dress in black perceived? They’re could be seen as joyless and gloom. Too much black will have the very same effect on your home.

Black accents or pieces of furniture or dark wood that’s almost black in colour will add a touch of elegance to your home. The key here is to keep black from being the dominant tone in the overall colour scheme you’ve chosen. It can tie the concept together or serve as a beautiful and unexpected accent. But don’t overdo it! Apart from being depressing, too much black on surfaces can be incredibly difficult to clean from spots and dirt.

These are just guidelines and obviously, each colour carries it’s own beauty and appeal.

If you want to work with one of the tones mentioned above, you can definitely do so. But getting a professional involved will be the best way to achieve balance. Contact Home Guide if you’re clueless about colour scheme selection.

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