5 Common Mistakes Most People Make When Designing Their Home

5 Common Mistakes Most People Make When Designing Their Home

Interior design is an art form, turning your home into a visual oasis of style and comfort.  When designing a home, it takes a trained eye with a lot of knowledge and skill to avoid making the mistakes that most people make without even realizing it.  If you plan ahead and follow a few simple rules, you’ll be sure to end up with a finished project that matches your vision.  Here are a few common mistakes you’ll want to avoid:

Not Budgeting Ahead Of Time

If you find a piece of furniture or artwork that you absolutely adore, certainly go ahead and buy it.  But for the majority of your home’s interior design, you’ll have to plan ahead of time what you can afford.  Proper budgeting and planning will give you the ability to make that judgment call of whether or not you can afford the more expensive sofa option and still have enough left over to design the rest of the room.  No one wants to be halfway through the design process only to find out they’ve spent all their money on the living room and have nothing left for the rest of the house.

Improperly Arranging Collections

Collections are a great way to add a unique feature to your home whether it’s an assortment of custom-made pie birds or a collection of mugs you’ve picked up on your various travels.

The mistake you don’t want to make is to scatter these items across your home, leaving visitors with no sense of a complete collection, but instead confusion at finding mugs in random places.

Group all of your items in one place to be prominently displayed.  This allows the eye to be drawn to the collection and see every piece in coordination with the rest.

Painting First

When designing a home, it’s important to pick out the fabrics and textiles for the room before deciding on a paint colour.  With the infinite variety of paint colours and shades, it’s much easier to match the paint to the look of the fabric than it is to pick out fabric to match your paint.

You can easily find a paint colour to match the hand woven rug you fell in love with for your living room, but trying to find the perfect set of curtains to match the exact shade of lavender that you’ve already painted the walls is going to be way more difficult.

If you buy your fabrics and textiles first, then by the time painting comes around you’ll have the look of your room firmly established.

Not Including A Focal Point

As human beings, we need things to have symmetry and function.  Every room needs a purpose and that purpose requires a focal point for the eye to settle on when you enter it.

Living rooms with too many furnishings scattered around will cause visitors to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to go.  If you include a focal point for the room (i.e. a television or a piece of art), you ground the room with something for guests to look at and congregate around.  You can then design the rest of the room around the focal point to make the room feel symmetrical and purposeful.

Forgetting To Include Your Own Style

Many people feel critical of their own personal taste and style, preferring to ignore it in favour of something that they think is “modern” or “stylish”.

The truth is, however, that your home needs to reflect who you are in order for you to feel at home in it.  It also needs to represent you in order to provide life and intrigue for your guests.  People come to your home because they’re a part of your life, and your home is an extension of that life.

Choose a design that feels like you, because the latest cookie-cutter design will only make you feel out of place in your own home and bore your guests to tears.  If you avoid the common mistakes of interior design, you can express your own personal style without the fear of being tacky.

Not Seeking Outside Advice

The biggest mistake that people make when designing their home is trying to do it all by themselves.  While you may have plenty of experience and knowledge about art and style, everyone needs an outside perspective to see what does and doesn’t work in a design.

If you ask trusted friends for their opinion about the different design choices you’re mulling over, you’ll be less likely to miss something that can be the difference between a design that works and one that’s lacking.

Working with an experienced Singapore interior design company will make sure that you end up with an eye-pleasing design for your home.  Singapore home interior design companies like Home Guide will help you avoid the mistakes most people make when designing their home.  Home Guide can help you turn your vision for a unique, stylish home into a reality without going over your budget. Check out our residential interior design portfolio and contact us!

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