5 Creative and Elegant Ways to Use Leather in Interior Design

5 Creative and Elegant Ways to Use Leather in Interior Design

Leather is considered a high quality, posh material that will instantly elevate the interior of a home. It has a range of popular applications, mainly in the realm of furniture and accessory making. A luxurious leather sofa or an office chair have established themselves as staples. Still, there are many other ways in which leather can be used to add originality to your home interior design.

Select Handmade Leather Accessories That Intrigue

Sometimes, the little touches and details are the ones that will make or break an interior design concept.

If you like leather, choose a less obvious way to incorporate it in your home’s décor.

Fun little decorative elements and accessories can be crafted from this flexible material. In fact, various designers and artists work with leather because of its pliable nature. Just do a basic online search and you’ll come across a number of fun and inspiring choices.

Leather rugs, leather patchwork art, even leather clocks and vases can bring a lot of sophistication to your home. There are even leather phone dock stations and leather bins/containers readily available for purchase.

If you need something with a bit of rustic charm,  something more contemporary or even something more abstract, you can definitely find it. If you come across an artist whose style you like, you can get several different pieces in the same collection as they will carry the same distinctive style, adding cohesiveness to your décor.

More Than Brown

Brown, beige and black are typical colours when it comes to leather furniture and accessories.

To make your execution pop, look for leather that has been dyed in unusual tones.

Red, marine blue, Bordeaux, grey and even white are all intriguing options. Choosing white leather, however, means you’ll need to be invested in its cleaning and maintenance. If you’re looking for a home interior that’s not capricious and difficult to keep spotless, white would be one of the tones to avoid.

It’s up to you to decide if the leather accessories will fit in the home interior design colour scheme you’ve chosen for everything else or if they’d be used to add some contrast. Also, consider brightness and finish. Pastel, matte tones are a bit more subdued. In some instances, however, leather can feature intense colours that will make much more of a statement.

Add Leather in Rooms Where It’s Not Expected

Leather is most commonly used in the living room, the library and home office. How about featuring leather accents in rooms where such aren’t too common?

The bedroom and kitchen are two places that will definitely look a lot posher if you choose the right leather elements to add.

A leather headboard and bed frame are fairly easy to find and they look awesome with any style of bed. In some instances, the bed frame could be fully upholstered with leather. Such a design choice makes a statement because of the texture of leather. And when it is used for headboard creation, the material adds some padding and insulation.

In the kitchen, you can easily feature leather in the form of barstools by the kitchen island. Leather storage containers will also make wonderful and practical kitchen accessories.

Replace Hardware with Leather Handles

Here’s one more creative idea that’s perfect for the kitchen, the living room and anywhere else you may be featuring cabinetry.

Leather handles and hooks can replace traditional cabinet and shelf hardware. These leather loops will immediately transform the appearance of your storage units, making them edge and unusual.

On top of being practical and fun, such leather hardware replacements can also be used as hooks for the hanging of towels, utensils or something else. If you’re short on storage space, this idea will definitely come in handy.

Reuse Old Belts

Old leather belts have a really cool vintage look that become amazing home accessories.

Just do some research on how old leather belts can be repurposed for interior decor. You’ll be surprised by how creative people can get with these for amazing results!

Old belts can be used to hang plants, create a brand new chair seat, put together a nifty floor mat or even create handles that keep curtains properly folded in place. The material is so versatile and long-lived that these accessories will probably outlive you with a bit of good care.

Decorating with leather can be incredibly fun if you decide to try something outside the box.

It doesn’t matter if you want to DIY your décor or have custom pieces created for you. Both of these strategies will give you the unique elements that reveal your personality through the appearance of your home.

And if you have a specific idea but don’t know how to make it happen in real life, contact Home Guide. We are the best home interior design company in Singapore that has the inspiration, the knowledge and the experience to build upon your dream and give you the outstanding home renovation execution you’ve always been hoping to enjoy one day.

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