5 Design Elements That Create a Calm, Peaceful Atmosphere

5 Design Elements That Create a Calm, Peaceful Atmosphere

Stress has so many negative consequences and we’re finding it increasingly challenging to overcome everyday pressures in an effective way.

A home that’s peaceful and serene provides the best opportunities to unwind and get those batteries recharged.

Certain design elements have the biggest impact when it comes to creating a peaceful atmosphere. Here are a few of those choices that you can easily add to your home interior design.

The Right Colour Scheme

We have stressed the importance of colour selection numerous times in our blog posts. That’s because colours can provoke an immediate emotional response, be it a positive or a negative one.

Something as simple as changing the paint colour in your rooms can make your home feel more relaxing.

Subdued tones, pastels and natural colours work best. On the other hand, bold and aggressive colours like bright red can have an over-stimulating effect. Choose greens and blues if you’d like to experience quality relaxation after a busy day at the office.

Warm tones like pastel oranges, yellows and pinks are cheerful and optimistic. These are the colours that will put a smile on your face and get you eager to spend more time at home with your loved ones.

Plants and Greenery

A 2015 study suggests that gardening and even taking care of indoor plants can have positive mental health effects while also reducing stress effectively.

We need to feel connected with nature in order to balance mood and overcome negative emotions. Unfortunately, that can be difficult to achieve in urban settings.

You may be thinking that the ownership of plants isn’t the right choice for you – being busy and having no gardening knowledge whatsoever increases the likelihood of killing those plants as soon as they enter the home.

The good news is that various sturdy species exist. Here’s a list of easy to care for plants that can thrive even if you water them once a week.

Warm, Subdued Lights

Choosing the right lights provides additional opportunities to impact your mood in a positive way.

Natural light is always an amazing choice and if you can do things to maximise it, you should definitely go for such projects. A brighter, sunlight homes will put a smile on your face, whether you’re enjoying a delicious cup of coffee or doing your job in the home office.

Next, consider the types of bulbs and fixtures that result in a serene ambiance in the evening.

Warm tones and subdued lights give illumination without being aggressive. They’re also gentle and romantic in a feel-good way.

When doing lights, always start with a first layer of functional illumination that enables the performance of various tasks and activities in a certain room. A second layer of soft lights, also known as “mood lights” can be added to make the space appear peaceful and inviting. These lights are gentler and they can be dimmed to make the settings a bit more intimate.

Soft layered lights in the bedroom are equally important. Switch to those an hour or so before going to bed and you’ll quickly notice the stress leaving your body.

Tactile Textures

It’s a great idea to have something stimulating to the touch that you can get your hands into when you sit on the sofa or lay on the bed.

Tactile textiles can help you calm down whenever you feel very stressed. Velvets, plush fabrics, silk and suede will all do an amazing job.

Have fun and explore different textures when shopping for throw pillows, rugs, bed covers and tablecloths. The appearance of these items is important but they’ll also be touched often. Look for textures that feel good and cosy.  Softness and having something plush to dig your hands in will bring you back to your childhood days when you used to have a favourite teddy by your side at all times.

Art and Family Photos

The eye needs something beautiful to look at and feel inspired by. You can approach this aspect of interior design creation in several different ways.

Choosing art for the living room will give you a sense of inspiration. This is where you can go truly wild. A pop of bright colour against a more neutral background will liven up the atmosphere, create a focal time and also give you the mood boost that you may be in desperate need of when you get home.

An alternative approach would be to display family photos and souvenirs from the trips you took together or the activities you enjoyed in the past.

Family pictures will take you back to times of happiness and places that you enjoyed immensely. Happy memories will always put a smile on your face. They are a testament of love and togetherness that we all need in our lives.

Think about an entire gallery wall whether you’re working with framed or unframed photos. Positioning a gallery wall in the hallway is also a great idea as it will greet you immediately when you get home.

Your home should be a safe haven from everyday stress, anxiety and worries. Let us help you create this little oasis in your Singapore flat. Contact Home Guide to have your home upgraded and personalised by a experienced and reputable renovation contractor.

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