5 Easy Ways to Make Your Sofas Irresistible

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Sofas Irresistible

The living room is the nucleus of any apartment, and it should be a priority for the interior design company in Singapore when planning for the interior design and renovation of your home. And what is the most important element in the living room? The sofa! the sofa not only determines the layout of the space, but also a very important physical item that reflects on the colour scheme, contrast and material choices.

You can reinforce the idea of a certain theme or add a contrasting style or even a colour palette in your apartment living room with the right sofa formation. It is essentially the focal point of your living area, and therefore, should be selected with a lot of care.  Let us take a look at 5 easy ways you can make your sofas irresistible!

The Throw-pillow Conundrum

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Sofas Irresistible - Throw Pillows

It is a truth universally acknowledged within the global interior design industry that no sofa set is complete without a plethora of throw pillows to complete its aesthetic. This is especially relevant to Singaporean HDB flats where space is limited and therefore you cannot go for large, overly dramatic accessories for your sofa set. Throw pillows are the perfect way to complement your couch – you can go for contrasting colours, trendy patterns and even unique textures to complete the visuals of your living space.

The Right Coffee Table Accessory

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Sofas Irresistible - Coffee Tables

Coffee and side tables are a quintessential sofa-related accessory. Without them, your living room setting will always look incomplete. However, it is important that you find the right balance of function and aesthetics when selecting these objects. You can find a lot of designs in furniture showrooms and online sites like ezbuy but since design and renovating your new home is a serious task, so you’ll have to very careful about selecting the right accessories. For example – a dual-purposed, compact storage coffee table can look gorgeous with a contemporary concept sofa while only a delicate glass and steel construct may complement a classical style sofa set.

Contrasting Upholstery Choices

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Sofas Irresistible - Upholstery Choices

There was a time back in the 80s when chintz and Laura Ashley prints used to be the pride and joy of every household sofa. These days, we go for a little more subtlety. Your upholstery always matters when it comes to matching the overall theme of your living room interior design. Therefore, you have to be extremely careful while selecting the right textures during your HDB renovation. Leather can be used dichotomously – it works for both vintage as well as contemporary settings. Suede and velvet go best with classical settings – they’re the best material choices for a tufted sofa headboard.

The Right Style

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Sofas Irresistible - The Right Style

The style of your sofa plays a crucial role in making it seem irresistible. Your sofa has to be complementary to the rest of your interior design. Thematic contradiction can look very unseemly, especially of the contrasting themes do not have any connecting visual point. For example, a classical style queen-Anne sofa in a neat, clean modernist living room will simply look out of context. On the other hand, a midcentury modern couch piece in a retro themed living room will fit right in.

The Perfect Layout

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Sofas Irresistible - The Right Layout

The most important aspect to consider while selecting your sofa is the layout. The ‘layout’ refers to the pieces of your sofa-set and how they can be arranged around your living room. Note that the interior design can only look holistic if the sofa-set respects the dimensions of the space. Since HDBs are usually limited in square footage, you have to make sure that your ideal sofa is not too large or small. L-shaped and U-shaped sofa layouts work best in standard-sized HDBs. With the right layout, the sofa can make your living room look absolutely irresistible.

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