5 Fresh Ideas For An Impressive HDB Entryway

5 Fresh Ideas For An Impressive HDB Entryway

Between the living room, kitchen and bedroom areas, many people tend to overlook the importance of a nice, welcoming entryway for their HDBs. Not only does this area determine the tone of your overall interior design in your Singapore home, it also determines the very first visual impact anyone will experience when they enter your home. So you should always spend some time trying to make this small niche an integral part of your HDB renovation. Further, we’ll be sharing 5 fresh ideas you can get inspiration from for your ideal home entryway.

Mirror Cladding

Mirror cladding is a fool-proof way to make your entryways look grander and more spacious then they actually are. There are a lot of ways you can use this technique. You can either go for a feature length mirror clad of an entire wall or you can choose to go for intricate customized cut-work. Either of these two cases are an attractive interior design venture and both can elevate the visual impact of your entryway. They can emphasize the entire look of your apartment, so think carefully about which idea seems more suitable to you.

Dark-To-Light Material Transition

Rhythmic gradient always offer a great tonal development in interior designs, and it is definitely one of the best techniques you can use for your entryways. The start of your material scheme can be dark, and can gradually transition into a lighter scale. You can have a lot of fun with this transitional design – you can experiment with different colour palates and their material articulations in order to get the best possible results possible.

A Focal Light Fixture

A nice, entryway focal fixture is the best way to spruce up the looks of your HDB interior design. The advent in luminaries has been broad and widespread. You can now find a number of light fixtures that vary in style, dimension and visual themes. From the eccentricity of quirky ceiling lights to the elegance of pendent lamps, you can now select any kind of fixture you want in order to beautify the ambiance of your entryway.

Transparent Designing

Transparent designs are great for maximizing the visual range of small-style spaces. So in order for your HDB renovation to have a full and instant impact, you can use this concept in the design of your entryway. Its implementation can vary; a compact, modernistic aluminum frame with clear glass can look just as well as a laser cut custom-designed partition screen. Of course these aspects have to complement the theme of your interior design as well in order to provide a truly holistic look.

Statement Art

No entryway is complete without a little bit of artistic flair. Since HDB apartments are usually small, and the entryways smaller by design, it is important to remember the context of your space before choosing a statement piece. You can go for a full-sized canvas or even a small cluster of frames that make up a nice gallery wall. Once again, this depends on the artistic expression of your overall interior design style.

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