5 Great Interior Design Ideas for Your HDB Executive Condo

5 Great Interior Design Ideas for Your HDB Executive Condo

Executive condominiums (ECs) in Singapore were first introduced in 1999. A hybrid form of public/private housing, the EC is similar to a private condo within a gated community. Its specifics and the nature of the available space make several interior design ideas much better than others.

The popularity of ECs is growing all the time. The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) reported that the number of executive condos sold in 2017 went up 16.2 per cent on an annual basis. The current property climate is one of the reasons for the popularity of ECs.

If you’re considering the purchase of an EC or you’ve already gotten one, chances are that you’re looking for ways to improve the interior design. We’ve compiled a list of the best suggestions that are based on contemporary home interior design Singapore practices.

Spectacular Flooring

ECs are known for their larger floor area in comparison to other housing options in Singapore like private condos, for example. Since this is one of the property’s most prominent characteristic, it should definitely be given some special attention.

There are dozens of beautiful flooring options to choose among. Natural materials like wood are preferred by many because of the warmth and the cosy appeal that they add to the EC. Some parts of the condo will benefit from the addition of tiled floors because of their beauty and ease of maintenance.

Rugs and carpets here and there will give a bit of warmth, as well as a colourful accent inside the room.

Since there are some restrictions as far as HDB renovations go, make sure that your project is supervised by professionals. A Singapore interior design company that is HDB-licensed will be aware of the regulations and the possibilities, giving you a chance to change the flooring to your liking without violating any regulations.

Earthy Tones and a Light Colour Palette

While the use of dark tones like black and gunpowder grey can create a striking interior design, such colours can make a condo look smaller and cramped.

Professional interior designers recommend lighter tones and earthy colour palettes for executive condos.

Colours like beige, yellow, pastel orange and white all increase the brightness and could make condos look larger. In addition, more subdued wall colours make it easier to introduce striking accessories in the interior design.

Neutrals and pastels have a timeless appeal and they will maintain the classic beauty of the EC for many years to come. A massive change in the appearance of the apartment can be accomplished easily through a change in furniture and art.

Going for Industrial Design

Industrial interior design is an excellent choice for Singapore’s executive condos.

When thinking of industrial interior design, most people imagine a lot of metal, steampunk elements and exposed bricks. While these are definitely components of good industrial design, there are dozens of other options that can be selected to customise the respective living space.

Open layouts, a mix between wood and metal, industrial lighting fixtures, Edison bulbs, exposed beams, pipes and even polished concrete floors can be a part of an industrial concept for an executive condo. An interior designer that has a bit of experience with both HDB housing and industrial design will make the suggestions that make the most sense.

Shiny Surfaces and Luxurious Textiles

Executive condos can easily carry a more sophisticated, luxurious theme. If you want your home to look exquisite, this is the interior design direction that you should head in.

A sense of luxury isn’t about the amount of money you spend on renovation and furnishings. The aesthetic appeal of every single item will contribute to the overall appeal of the condo.

Shiny surfaces like polished wood and marble will immediately create the sensation of richness. The same applies to beautiful glass in combination with a dark wood. Apart from polished surfaces, you can also rely on the right textiles to carry the message across the interior.

Heavy curtains, satin and thick carpets can all create a luxurious feel.

The strategic placement of light will help highlight the shiny surfaces. Recessed lighting is an excellent appeal for places that need more light due to functional considerations (like the kitchen countertop, for example) and for the ones that are to be highlighted.

An Artsy Space

If you want your home interior design to look more artistic, you can have a lot of fun with the interior design.

Choosing art is all about the items that are a reflection of your personality and of the mood that you want to set throughout your home. All that you have to do is give your designer a hint about whether you’d like to go contemporary or old-school.

Paintings on the walls, photographs, posters, prints and even mosaics can be used to make a modern EC bright and colourful. The same applies to sculptures, woodcarvings and even glass art.

Whenever you want to highlight the art, you will be advised to go clean and minimal with other EC interior design elements. If you feature both art and ornate furniture, chances are that the living space will appear much more cramped and claustrophobic than its actual size determines.

Choosing the right Singapore interior design company will help you meet the legal requirements and create the home that you have always dreamed about. This is the first important choice to make when you get some idea about the way in which you’d like to renovate your executive condo.

Home Guide is an experienced group of professionals who have an extensive background in the field of interior design. The team is HDB-licensed, which means we know the regulations, the restrictions and the possibilities as far as your executive condo is concerned. Please contact us today to let us know a bit more about your EC and the interior design concept you have in mind.

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