5 Hot Decorations to Place above Your Bed

5 Hot Decorations to Place above Your Bed

The bedroom has several key areas that can be decorated and enhanced to bring a spirit of peacefulness and relaxation in this part of your home.

One of the key areas is the space behind and above the bed.

Traditionally, people use this space for the placement of a large and ornate headboard or a picture.

Both of these choices will look good, especially if they’re reflective of the aesthetic style and personality of the residents. Still, our interior designers offer a couple of alternative options worth exploring.

A Wall Mural

If you are an artistic person and you’d like to feature a beautiful and intricate piece in the bedroom, you can opt for a wall mural rather than a standard painting or a framed picture.

Murals are very impactful because the entire wall area behind and over the bed will be used as a canvas.

A professional can do the painting or you can create a DIY piece of art – such an installation is going to be even more meaningful. Various stencils are available for the purpose of creating your own murals. There’s no need to worry if you’re not that artistically inclined.

Currently several trends are hot in the realm of wall murals. Black and white graphical pieces are very hot because of the beautiful contrasting pieces you can create this way. Modern art (cubism or surrealism-style) pieces are also a great choice. They add a splash of colour to the bedroom, plus they’ll allow you to reveal the artist hidden inside without having to adhere to rules.

5 Hot Decorations to Place above Your Bed mural

Patterned Rugs and Quilts

Are you tired of pictures, prints, posters or illustrations? If so, let your interior design company know and together, you can come up with a fun alternative for the space behind the bed.

Patterned rugs and quilts are a great choice.

For a start, they have a bit of an ethno/folk appeal. They add texture and warmth to the bedroom, creating a point of visual interest.

There are many possibilities to choose among. You will find traditional rugs, modern quilts, geometric shapes, patterns, colourful yarns and fluffy finishes.

Choose a rug or a quilt that falls inside the home interior design concept you’ve chosen. Alternatively, you can select a piece that’s in stark contrast (an ethnic traditional rug placed inside a minimalist bedroom) to benefit from the stunning contrast such a decorative choice will create.

Sculptural Pieces

Art is not limited only to 2D paintings, photos and illustrations.

Sculptural pieces and modern art installation are not featured that often in the contemporary Singapore HDB bedroom, usually because of the space it takes up. Such pieces, however, possess a lot of uniqueness. If you are looking for a distinctive and memorable design concept for the bedroom, sculptural modern art pieces are the best choice for you.

Origami-style figures in the area behind the bed will look as if they’re trying to pop out of the wall. You can use different colours of paper to make the display more engaging. Arrange the sculptural pieces in a freeform pattern (remember – there are no rules when it comes to choosing decorations for your home!).

Tiles, mirrored pieces, glass shards, sea shells varnished tree roots or twisted branches – all of these can be used to create your own sculptural displays.

There are dozens of modern art installation galleries online. Explore a few of these image selections to find the inspiration. Artists often manage to turn simple, everyday objects into sculptural pieces. Boards dismantled from a skateboard, for example, are a beautiful choice that looks urban and very fresh.

5 Hot Decorations to Place above Your Bed sculpture

Vintage Finds & Mirrors

If rustic residential design is your thing, vintage pieces will be the best choice for the area behind and over your bed.

The local antique shop or even a flea market can help you identify little old treasures for placement in the bedroom.

Vintage cinema posters, woodcarvings, old skeleton keys, china, hand-painted signs, old-school picture frames and even vintage plate holders are a great choice. The options are limitless and many objects that aren’t used in the bedroom or for decorative pieces can be turned into art displays.

If none of these appeal to you, opt for a large vintage mirror with an ornate Victorian frame. It will add class and luxury to your personal space.

A Wrap-Around Headboard

Those who don’t appreciate traditional or vintage interior design choices should head in the exact opposite direction.

Modern interior design often breaks the rules and goes for choices that would have been deemed unacceptable a few decades ago. There is no regard for proportion, scale or matching textures and patterns. In fact, some of the greatest creations have broken most of the prominent interior design rules.

A wrap-around headboard is one such interior design element.

The headboard is so oversized that it extends to the ceiling. Occasionally, it may even crawl towards the chandelier in the bedroom. An oversized headboard will definitely look out of proportion but its goal would be to put emphasis on a notable element – the quality of the material that the headboard is made of, the richness of the colour, the ornate details.

Such a headboard will need to be custom-made for you, which is why you have to dedicate enough time to polishing the concept before getting in touch with a contractor.

Talk to your interior designer about the decorative choices you fancy the most. Based on these suggestions, a design professional will come up with a bedroom decoration idea that you’ll find aesthetically-pleasing.

At Home Guide, we take pride in our work and our ability to bring a client’s vision to reality. Let us know what style you’re looking for and how you’d like to transform your bedroom. Contact us today to modernise and enhance your HDB living space.

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