5 Important Things You Need to Know Before Renovating a Bathroom

5 Important Things You Need to Know Before Renovating a Bathroom

Do you have a clear vision of what the perfect bathroom looks like? That’s a great start for a home renovation project. Focusing on the vision alone, however, isn’t going to yield the results you want within a reasonable timeframe or budget.

Home renovations can be complicated, which is why you need to go through various practical considerations in advance. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, here are some of the most important things to pay attention to before getting started.

Whether the Contractor Understands Your Vision

Just because you have a very good idea about what you want and need doesn’t mean your home renovation contractor is on the same page. Don’t assume they’ve understood you perfectly. Provide details, pictures, diagrams and anything else that could shed more light on the renovation’s scope. If you have images that are reminiscent of your dream bathroom, these can be quite beneficial, as well.

Never assume that a certain aspect of the renovation is obvious. If you do, you risk getting something that you didn’t want in the first place.

The more time you spend planning and talking before the actual job begins, the better. This is also a good opportunity for you to ask questions and decide if a certain contractor is the right professional for the job.

The Cost

Nobody wants to think about money when working on the perfect home. Still, the budget is going to play an important role in determining whether your vision is achievable.

Don’t start out a project hoping for the best and expecting you’ll be capable of managing the expenses. Very often, people who aren’t trained professionals underestimate the cost of a renovation. By doing so, you can jeopardise either your family finances or your ability to complete the bathroom remodel.

Depending on the work that needs to be completed, a bathroom renovation can turn out quite expensive. That’s why you need to get a detailed quote in advance.

Reputable home renovation contractors will provide you with a very specific and detailed price breakdown. This document will help you plan the financial aspect of your renovation. It will also give you a good idea about how realistic your renovation idea is within the budget that you feel comfortable with.

If the quote is higher than what you anticipated, you could either look for an alternative contractor or try modifying the bathroom remodel with a bit of professional input.

Space Availability

Because you’re not a trained professional, you could be overdoing it with the bathroom remodel idea.

Space availability and scale have to be examined before commencing work. The things you plan to fit inside the bathroom will require some physical space. Hence, you can’t cram too many fixtures and accessories in a tiny bathroom.

Trying to work on too much will make a bathroom look and feel cluttered. Even worse, such a project may end up reducing functionality or even posing some actual dangers (that’s especially true for flat owners who don’t focus on accessibility and security).

In the world of interior design, less is often more. Start out with the essentials you absolutely must have. After these have been positioned properly and according to the bathroom’s layout, you can start planning the addition of some accessories.

Bathroom Fixtures That Will Work for You

Most people have two key considerations when choosing bathroom fixtures – comfort and water conservation.

The bathroom, just like the kitchen, is a functional space. Fixtures like the taps, the shower and the toilet are the most important ones. You will need to know the type and style of fixture that’s going to be best matched to your lifestyle and interior design preferences.

Luckily, the market has a lot to offer – get acquainted with the options in advance.

There are low-flow models, single handle, wall-mounted faucets, freestanding options, ball and disc faucets, cartridge and compression faucets and various others. Also, there are numerous materials and finishes to choose among. We have to caution, against choosing materials that are going be very high maintenance, here are some to look out for.

If you don’t know how to make up your mind, consult a home interior design company. The right renovation expert will advise you on the basis of your priorities and the specifics of the bathroom renovation project.

Potential Hidden Problems

Apart from paying attention to the obvious, try to anticipate problems that could stem from those things that never meet the eye.

Structural deficiencies, inadequate plumbing, water damage and corroded plumbing are some of the most common hidden problems. These are especially prominent in older flats. Anyone who is planning a major renovation should have the condition of the plumbing diagnosed to resolve and concealed issues when doing the rest of the work.

Dealing with these practical considerations isn’t as fun as choosing materials, colour palettes and exciting accessories that will turn your bathroom in actual spa. They, however, will help you breeze through the renovation once you get started.

Breezing through the renovation is also dependent on having the right team to back you up. Contact Home Guide now if you’d like to employ an experienced, creative, talented and open-minded team of home interior design experts. We have the knowledge and the skills to execute your vision and elevate it. Check out our residential portfolio for some more information about what we’re capable of achieving.

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