5 Interesting Home Interior Design Update Ideas

5 Interesting Home Interior Design Update Ideas

Renovating your home with a new style from time to time is a good idea for many reasons! First of all, it’s fun! And it can give a whole new look and effect to your home. So think of what it’s you’re looking to add. Functionality and efficiency? Or maybe you want to have more warmth throughout the house? One thing is for sure. The list below will help you with your new home update! 

Go The Easy And Practical Way Of Peel-And-Stick Wallpaper

The peel-and-stick wallpaper is awesome for many reasons. If you live in a small HDB-flat and looking to upgrade your space without spending too much out of your pocket or putting in too much energy, or taking too much space, then viola, this idea is the perfect match for you.

This self-adhesive and removable wallpaper is simple but can bring about a dramatic change to the room. So dress up your dull-looking walls and switch it up with a brand new wallpaperThis style is also a low-commitment upgrade, perfect for HDB flat owners who would like to rent out or sell their resale their HDB flat. Once you’re bored of your wallpaper, you can just peel it off, and you’re done!

Get The Complete Look With Industrial Design

Although the industrial design is not new, it has proven to have been rising in the popularity ranking. It’s so popular because it has a mix of traditional and modern. So if you cannot decide between a traditional or contemporary look, go ahead and have the two together! 

The industrial design look usually uses neutral or warm colors, worn recycled items for decor and furniture with metal and wood finishes.

This home interior design style is perfect for those who spend a lot of time at home because the combination of traditional and modern style gives both the looks and functionality – Ideal for living and working.  

Freshen Up With Houseplants

What’s so good about plants? Everything! They’re beautiful, they give out positive energy, help release extra oxygen to the air, and improve mental health and overall wellness! So not only is it beneficial for the house but also you and other household members. 

There are so many choices when it comes to plants. Which ones to get? Here are some ideas. 

Still not convinced to become a plant parent? Find out more good reasons here

Go Back In Time With Granny-Chic Look

This home interior design style is one of the more fun ways to renovate your home. 

It’s called granny for apparent reasons. The decor and furniture you’ll be using should be something that you find in your grandma’s house. We’re talking about things such as antique decors, vintage furniture, and floral wallpapers. This type of home interior design style emphasises tradition and can invoke nostalgic moments. 

So start planning your day to go to a vintage store or find some items and get creative with them.

Be Unique With Rattan Furniture And Decorations

They’re exotic, stylish, and detail-oriented – all the things you need to accomplish a stylish home.  From rattan headlamps to rattan seats to rattan tables, the choices are diverse! 

Rattan elements also add a soothing effect and give warmth to the room. This simple yet fascinating material is also perfect for including your indoor and outdoor areas. So are you ready to upgrade your home? Let us know, and we can start planning your home renovation in Singapore.

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