5 Interior Design Solutions For A Space-Starved, 2 Bedroom BTO Flat

5 Interior Design Solutions For A Space-Starved, 2 Bedroom BTO Flat

A BTO (Build To Order) flat is a home allocation system by the Singapore Housing and Development Board. They have a limited amount of square footage, which means that they are quite small in size. So, Interior design in Singapore is being adapted to suit the ergonomics and comfort of these HDB flats.

Small homes might be the newest trend, but it can be especially challenging to retrofit them with the basic interior design essentials. HDB renovation has improved by leaps and bounds, but it is still very hard to redesign the layout and aesthetics of a space-starved, 2-bedroom BTO flat successfully. So below, we’ll be sharing 5 interior design solutions for how you can make your 2 bedroom BTO look absolutely stunning.

Think Smart, Not Hard
home interior design singapore smart kitchen

When it comes to small-style interior designing, you’ll have to think smart, not hard. The term ‘smart’ in the context of interior designing can refer to any number of things; smart furniture, smart walls and even smart lighting. So you should definitely invest in dual purposed furniture like murphy beds and sofa-bunks, smart kitchen hardware, platform bed-come-horizontal-wardrobes and more to make the most of your small space. You’ll be surprised how smooth your HDB renovation will look with these ingenious space-saving solutions.

Emphasize the Whites
home interior design singapore tips white backdrop

Here’s a small hack for selecting the colour scheme of your 2 bedroom BTO flat; emphasize the whites. White colour has superb reflective qualities; this generally means that using white as your base colour scheme can make even the smallest spaces seem spacious. This doesn’t mean that you should use white singularly as your running colour scheme. You can embellish it with colourful furniture items, floor materials and even accessories. However, the basic backdrop for all these colours must be completely white in order for this trick to truly work.

Create Illusions through Mirrors
home interior design singapore inspiration mirror wall

Since interior design in Singapore is quite a booming industry, many local designers have come up with clever techniques to make HDB renovations unique but impactful. One of these techniques includes creating illusions with mirrors. If you clad an entire feature wall of your room in floor-to-ceiling mirror leafs, you’ll find that it creates an illusory effect that doubles the space. You can even spice up your interior designs by using mirror-cut feature walls that have been trending on Pinterest and Instagram these days.

Decorating with Lights
kitchen interior design tracking lights

Due to the small square footage of a 2 bedroom BTO flat, it’s best to avoid all visual clutter in the space. So how do you decorate your space, then?

Easy; you decorate with lights! There are so many clever lighting fixtures and false-ceiling solutions that can play up the drama of small spaces to give an upscale vibe to small-style interior designs. You can use track lights to create accents, floor lamps for visual décor and recessed lighting to create drama in your BTO flat.

The Open-Floor Concept
home interior design open floor concept room

The most mainstream solution for every small-style interior design in Singapore includes the open-floor concept. This concept has gained rightful recognition, as it can make your homes look spacious by default. An HDB renovation carried out on the open-floor concept would visually merge the living area, kitchen and dining space. This creates extra leeway for circulation space and allows the designer more liberty to play with the aesthetics at the same tie.

Home Guide has been in the interior design market for more than two decades now, and has successfully delivered some great HDB renovations. Consulting with us would definitely ensure you get the best of your money and space with beautiful interior designs.

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