5 Interior Design Trends We Need to Leave Behind in 2022

5 Interior Design Trends We Need to Leave Behind in 2022

Over the years, we have witnessed numerous interior design disasters. 2022 had its fair share of tragedies. Some of them were so bad that they deserve a bit of elaboration before we leave them behind and never look back.

Overstuffed Furniture

Interior design professionals have been trying to get rid of overstuffed furniture for several years now. Hopefully, 2023 is going to be the one during which the trends catches its last breath.

Functional and comfortable are becoming the norm for furniture in a world after the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of the old rules are no longer applicable as people are spending more time than ever before at home.

The living room is the one space where people enjoy the most time together. It also has to serve many different purposes. For many Singaporean families, the living room is a place where movies are watched, games are played, books are read and even exercise occurs.

Overstuffed, bulky furniture kills a lot of the space that can be dedicated to such activities.

Seating doesn’t have to be massive in order to feel comfortable. The right kind of padding and the right shapes deliver enough support without the need for the excessive use of stuffing. Not only do overstuffed furniture pieces make the living room feel too claustrophobic, they also give it a dated appearance.

Matchy-Matchy Everything

There’s nothing that screams “amateur” more loudly than a matchy-matchy interior design.

Matchy-matchy home décor is very prominent in the living room and the bedroom.

Just imagine matching textiles everywhere – curtains, duvets, rugs, bedsheets, towels… The horror of it all! Such designs look flat and stuffy. They prevent the space from breathing and they lack layers or depth.

The best interior designs are the ones that use varying textures, colours and prints. Different elements can work alongside each other beautifully. The goal is achieved through complementary or contrasting choices. Making such elements work together, however, isn’t an easy task. In the absence of professional assistance, many people will refrain from experimenting with different layers.

It’s time to get rid of matchy-matchy decors and hire interior designers to make your spaces more sophisticated. The execution of a home renovation project doesn’t have to be expensive. Just pinpoint the right changes and look for the right team. Doing both will help you enjoy the best possible return on investment.

The All-White or All-Black Kitchen

All-white or all-black kitchen spaces (or bathroom spaces for that matter) can look pretty good on paper. Monochromatic designs are always pristine and elegant to look at in magazines. In real life, they lead to interior design disasters.

An all-white kitchen is tremendously difficult to maintain in a stellar condition. Every spot, every scratch or piece of discolouration will show. Hence, the beautiful sparkly colour will soon start looking dated and worn out.

Don’t try to create a minimalist, sterile environment in any of your living spaces. There’s nothing comforting or exciting about such interior design choices. While they can definitely be a part of a modern interior design, you will need a bit of colour and charm to create something enjoyable. Considering ease of maintenance will also be important to bring together a beautiful home renovation that’s also easy to keep in an optimal condition.

TikTok Interior Designs

Please, please, don’t try to copy an interior design project you’ve seen on TikTok, Instagram or Pinterest.

There’s something particularly generic and soulless about interior design concepts shared on social media for views and likes.

The aim of these clips and images is to get you hooked and emotionally responsive. This doesn’t always translate to comfortable living.

Bringing a TikTok renovation to your home doesn’t take into consideration the specifics of the space or your individual needs. You may lose a lot of distinctive appeal and even functionality by going for a copycat interior design execution.

If you want trendy, talk to an interior designer. These professionals have a good understanding of the latest developments and the manner in which these can be translated to your home’s interior.

Fast Furniture

The term fast furniture refers to mass manufactured pieces. They are affordable, readily available and completely featureless.

You don’t want any element in your home to be personality-deprived. That’s why it’s time to ditch fast furniture and look for signature pieces instead.

Apart from being so boring (and even ugly!), fast furniture isn’t necessarily the bargain you think it may be.

That’s because fast furniture isn’t perfectly matched to your home’s aesthetic and function.

Multi-purpose furniture pieces are such a better pick. True, they will often need to be custom made. That’s especially true for home owners who have a very particular idea in mind. Multi-purpose furniture, however, can replace a couple of pieces. That’s how it actually saves money. Also, going for such products reduces clutter and gives you better living conditions. All of these perks are worth investing in.

Alternatively, you can seek vintage items that have a distinctive look. Many of these authentic pieces brag fine craftsmanship and high quality materials. Depending on where you’ve found them, vintage furniture pieces can cost a fraction of fast furniture’s price tag.

Don’t be a follower in 2023, choose beautiful and personality-filled interior design ideas. We can help you express yourself and create the most authentically unique home. Contact Home Guide for a definitive transformation.

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