5 Living Room Arrangements For Your Home

5 Living Room Arrangements For Your Home

The living room is an integral part of any home interior design. Along with the kitchen, it is considered the hub of a home. It is a place to relax, as well as a place to entertain. In Singapore, the living room is basically the central space or a connector to all other parts of an HDB. Therefore, the furniture and layout of the living room is quite an essential part of the overall interior design. You can figure out the furniture and interior design styles in the later stages of the whole process, but the layout and planning of the space needs to be carefully considered right from the start in order to give your homes the best impression. Below, we’ll be taking a look at 5 living room arrangements you can use in various styles of HDBs all around Singapore.

The L-Shaped

The L-Shaped living room layout consists of an L-shaped sofa. It is tucked against a wall with one open end facing the rest of the home. The coffee table sits between the L of the couch, and the whole formation faces the media wall, which is the major attraction in such a setting. The L-shaped living room formation is for spaces that are very small or constrained. Usually, three sides of this living room formation are closed off, with only one opening facing the rest of the apartment space. The L-shaped living room formation can save up a lot of space in otherwise small HDB designs.

The U-Shaped

The U-shaped living room layout is mostly carried out in large spaces. A grand living room with a lot of circulation space to spare features a U-shaped couch formation with a coffee table in the middle. All the couches have an ample amount of circulation space behind. This layout is usually used in condos or lofts – homes that are quite spacious and would evoke a sense of understated luxury with such a layout.

Flush Against The Wall

Sometimes, when your living room is the designated central hub of the home – meaning there a lot of connecting doors through your living room, and you need to cut circulation space straight from the middle of the space – then putting your furniture flush against the wall is not a bad option. In fact, it is an essential part of small style home interior design. When you put your sofas, shelving and even the media wall against the walls, you automatically get a spacious output from a cramped space.

The Eclectic

The eclectic living room layout consists of mismatched furniture arranged in a rather Boho Chic fashion around the space. Just like the accessorizing and decorations are gypsy-like in fashion, similarly the layout is also done to represent an ‘organized chaos.’ It consists of ottomans lying about in fashionable disarray, while vivid colors mixed with earthy tones make for a truly eclectic setting.

The Connector

Sometimes, the living room space connects immediately with either the dining area or the kitchen. In such cases, it is important to have a connecting but segregated layout for your living room. You can either use a step-up pedestal, a different floor pattern or even a sofa-bed to demarcate your living space from the rest of the setting.

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