5 Most Popular Home Renovation Features in Singapore

5 Most Popular Home Renovation Features in Singapore

If you’re just getting started with the renovation of your HDB apartment, you’re probably wondering about the right direction. Which home improvements and modifications will give you a modern outcome that maintains its longevity even after fads lose their popularity?

A Singapore interior design company can give you some tips on the trendy home renovations that are bound to produce a quality outcome. These professionals will also let you know whether the respective project is a good match to the specifics of your property.

To get some ideas, you may want to consider some of Singapore’s more sought-after renovation trends right now. Here are a few of the features and improvements that property owners execute the most.

Open Plan Living

Open plan living is incredibly popular because it creates airy and clean interiors even in smaller HDB apartments.

Structural alterations are very common when it comes to HDB renovations. Still, you have to make sure that your plan follows the Housing Development Board guidelines. There are specific walls and structural elements like columns that cannot be removed to maintain the integrity of the entire building.

Other than that, you’re free to hack away the separators.

Getting rid of dividing walls between the living room and the kitchen allows the space to breathe. You can still keep some elements to maintain a degree of privacy or you can get rid of the interior dividers altogether.

Keep in mind that home renovations that necessitate structural alterations tend to be quite expensive. If you’re looking to spruce up the apartment’s interior design on a budget, this project is not the right one for you.

Special Effects Paint

You can get textures and patterns inside the home without having to spend a ton on accessories or handcrafted items, or deal with messy wallpapers. There are special effect paints interior designers recommend for the creation of a visual accent on a wall in the living room or bedroom.

Special effect paints have gained a lot of popularity because they’re relatively affordable and easy to apply. You can accomplish a lot through the selection of the right variety.

Specialised paint varieties have been created to recreate metallic finishes, marble tiles, leather, mirror shine or a sparkling chrome effect.

As you can see, the possibilities are limitless and when the right kind of paint is chosen, the effect is going to be incredibly realist. Ask your Singapore interior designer about the right effect for your accent walls and the paint brand that will give you an optimal outcome.

Scandinavian-Style Furniture

Scandinavian interior design is popular in many parts of the world, including Singapore.

If you’re carrying out a minimalist home renovation, you will probably want to introduce Scandinavian-style furniture.

Scandinavian-style furniture is functional, streamlined and ergonomic. Ornaments and excessive decorations are missing, the same applies to heavy textures and overstuffed pillows. Scandinavian inspired furniture is popular for small HDB flats and condos because it offers comfort without making the space crowded.

There are several characteristics your interior design expert will recommend if you’re looking for a Scandinavian-inspired home. These characteristics include light colours, neutral-coloured walls, natural materials like wood and metal, clean lines and ergonomic designs.

Industrial Flooring

Industrial inspires many homeowners because it creates a stark contrast between the typical warmth and fuzziness of living spaces and the coldness of industrial materials like steel and concrete.

If an overall industrial theme doesn’t speak to you, it’s possible to pick and choose specific elements that will look very cool in your brand new flat.

Industrial flooring is gaining prominence. It’s affordable and easy to maintain in an optimal condition. Large concrete-look tiles are trending in Singapore right now. Just like the special effect paints, these tiles are crafted to replicate a finish and an appearance that’s associated with factories and industrial spaces.

A skilled interior designer can create a beautiful contrast between the concrete and a warm wall colour or the selection of accessories made of natural materials like wood. This juxtaposition will create points of visual interest and dynamic appeal.

A Bathtub and Water-Conserving Bathroom Fixtures

Modern bathrooms are characterised by two main features – comfort and resource conservation.

The number of home owners looking for sustainability features is growing all the time. This is the main reason why manufacturers have responded with an array of great choices for every part of the home.

Water conservation fixtures for the bathroom don’t take away from the strength of the water stream. You can choose a sink, a shower and even a toilet that use a fraction of the water required by their regular counterparts.

When it comes to comfort, the number of homeowners interested in bathtub installation is also growing.

If you want to install a bathtub, check out the HDB guidelines once again. There are limits on the amount of weight you can put on the floor. Too much weight may compromise the structural integrity of the building. Hence, you’ll have to opt for a smaller tub or an item crafted out of a lighter material.

What Resonates with You?

The fact that a certain renovation feature is popular right now doesn’t mean it’s going to be a great choice for your home.

Think of what you value the most – comfort, functionality, smart features, sustainability, home automation? Based on this goal, you can select the renovations that will yield the best outcome and the highest return on investment.

Next, look for an interior design firm and contractors that have enough experience in the area and that can deliver on the basis of the budget you’ve set aside for the renovation.

Home Guide is an interior design company specialising in crafting beautiful homes with years of experience in the execution of diversified residential renovations. From Scandinavian to Victorian and old-school projects – we’ve done it all. Check the Home Guide residential portfolio to get a better idea of our style.

When you have a clear idea about what you’re trying to accomplish, you can contact Home Guide to discuss the concept and get the project started.

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