5 Office Interior Design Mistakes You Should Avoid!

5 Office Interior Design Mistakes You Should Avoid!

An office interior design can be very challenging to carry out. There are a lot of bumps you can face along the road to its design. From inhibited circulation to missing rooms and even overlooked essential machinery, each and every aspect needs to be carefully considered. Above all, it is the comfort and efficiency of the employees that make up the best office interior spaces. So without further ado, let’s take a look at 5 office interior design mistakes you should avoid.

An open ended layout

Interior design in Singapore for offices will need to have very specific working layout as well as being up to code. It is possible that the architect might have left some open-ended spaces to be used for workstation of very specific sizes, but that is not the correct way to carry out an interior design. You have to be very particular about the sizes of the workstation within the context of employee comfort. If you fail to do so, then you’ll end up with an uncomfortable office environment that will decrease work productivity.

Considering the employee brief

You might want to ask yourself who you’re designing the office for when you start the actual process. Is it the executive who hired you? Or is the people who’re going to be actually using the office space that you should consider? Of course it is the latter! The employees tend to spend more than eight hours a day working in their offices. Disregarding their comfort and opinions is the worst design faux pas you might make in an office interior design. You can conduct a light survey or interview to ask what the employees want from their new environment and work the design that way.

Considering the ceiling height

The ceiling is one of those constantly overlooked parts of the overall office interior design that end up being eclipsed by the greater furniture and wall design interventions. However, it is extremely important to consider the ceiling design in order to make sure you have the correct lighting ambience or that the space doesn’t end up looking too constrained. Frank Lloyd Wright even used low-ceiling heights in his famous Falling Water house to attract the owners to the nature outside. Similarly, the ceiling height can determine the mood of the entire office.

Considering future expansion

Considering the future expansion of any running project is an absolute must. It is the first thing you should ask your client when they come to you for an office interior design. if they want to reserve some space for future expansions than this might be quite an important consideration that might have otherwise gotten lost in the intricacies of the actual design.

Excluding the machinery

Every profession has some pretty specific machinery requirements in an office. A trading company will need an exclusive room for their printers and scanners. An architect’s firm will need large plotters and full-scale printers along with model-making equipment for their offices. All of this machinery is an important part of the office interior design, and its space should be carefully considered in the layout.

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