5 Reasons Why Modern Singapore Office Interior Design Matters

5 Reasons Why Modern Singapore Office Interior Design Matters

What’s the importance of Singapore office interior design? Can it enforce a brand and the connected to it corporate culture? Is it just an aesthetic element? Does it determine the reputation of a company as one insisting on traditions or as an innovator? While professional interior design can accomplish all of these, its importance goes beyond what meets the eye.

Employee retention in a busy and dynamic digital world has become a nearly impossible task. At the same time, companies need skilled workers to remain stable in a highly competitive environment.

Professional interior design is important in a number of ways, especially when it comes to ensuring the happiness and the engagement of employees. If you’re wondering whether your office is in need of an upgrade, here are a few reasons why moving forward with such a project is going to be worth the investment.

It Gives Employees Convenience

Anyone who has at least minor interest in modern interior design has seen the futuristic offices of some of the hottest companies today. These feature gyms, sleeping pods and even slides between floors instead of stairs.

When they’re asked about what they’d like to find in the office, however, most employees say they need convenience. Things like a cosy kitchen and a nice coffee machine accomplish a lot more than modernistic and funky designs.

Office interior design that ensures convenience and comfort encourages people to spend more time at the workplace. If the office environment is way too sterile and ordered, employees will feel like they’re walking on egg shells. This is why the modern office delivers everything needed to do a good job while also focusing on a bit of comfort and the provision of quality relaxation opportunities.

The Office Becomes an Extension of One’s Home

Through modern interior design, Singapore companies have started bridging the gap between the home and the office environments.

Workers today spend a lot more time at the workplace than in home. This is why crafty Singapore interior design companies like home guide have turned the office into an “extension” of the home environment.

The strict corporate and neutral appearance of the office has undergone a massive transformation. Offices today brag brighter colours, artwork, throw pillows, cushions and funky little rugs that give employees the feeling of being in the warm and friendly home environment.

Turning the office into a home extension encourages people to spend more time there and to interact with co-worker’s in informal settings. Thus, better bonding opportunities arise and collaboration between teams or even departments is taken to the next level.

A Chance to Overcome Chronic Stress

Burnout is a serious, serious problem that related to contemporary workplace realities. Statistics show that workers in Singapore have the highest burnout rates in the region. According to employers, nearly a third of all workers experience burnout, regardless of the fact that companies are constantly working to increase the number of employees.

Proper collaboration and effective office practices are essential to address this chronic fatigue. The office design, however, could also play a role in controlling the phenomenon.

Interior design companies always plan for the creation of a relaxation or a chill-out area.

This part of the workspace gives employees the chance to distance themselves from the multiple tasks and the problems they’re trying to address. Contemporary relaxation areas often feature a yoga and meditation zone, a massage space, a pool table and even an art station. Different people fight stress in different ways and diversity is the key to helping workers unwind.

Employee burnout is a problem that has to be addressed on corporate rather than individual level. Design that focuses on relaxation and gives people a bit of flexibility is one of the first steps in the right direction.

Enabling Flexible Arrangements

Telecommuting is becoming more popular by the day.

Many companies are making processes much more flexible. Employees can complete tasks from home and visit the office upon necessity. They can also stop in over the weekend, bringing their family while handling a quick task.

Contemporary office interior design makes the workspace suited to such flexible arrangements.

Standing offices and shared spaces are becoming increasingly common. These enable companies to move to a smaller office and reduce some operational expenses while still giving workers a comfortable space for meetings and collaborations.

In addition, many offices are starting to feature prominent cafeteria or childcare centres where employees can leave their little ones for an hour or two.

Gone is the strict style and the rigorous structure of the office of the past. Today’s office is much more dynamic and functional. It has areas and zones that were entirely unheard of a decade ago. Technology is also displayed more prominently to enable remote work and allow people to communicate with their co-workers regardless of location.

An Office Tailored to the Needs of the Right Crowd

Needless to say, such innovative solutions aren’t suited to the needs of all businesses.

Some corporations still benefit from the clean and classic corporate design that will remain timeless regardless of tech innovations.

It’s simply a matter of understanding operations and the needs of workers to deliver the environment that will work in their favour.

While younger people are happy in offices they characterise as “fun,” more experienced professionals will be looking for stability and convenience.

You need to know your team and you need to know how these people work before moving forward with an interior design innovation project.

Once you pinpoint the right solutions, you will have to partner with the right entity that can bring your vision to reality.

You need an interior design company that has the experience but that’s also open to executing an innovative idea. Home Guide has years of experience but we always strive to innovate and bring something new to the table. Just take a look at our office interior design portfolio!

Contact Home Guide today if you want to make your employees happy and help your company grow through the power of interior design.

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