5 Reasons You Should Pay Attention To Your HDB Flooring

5 Reasons You Should Pay Attention To Your HDB Flooring

Flooring is quite possibly the most underrated yet crucial part of your HDB home interior design and renovation. It may not amount to much when you’re juggling with all the major aspects of renovation, but it’s important pay due diligence to the pattern of your floor and the quality of your tiles. Both of them can end up defining the aesthetic as well as durability of your interior design. So here are 5 reasons you should pay special attention to your HDB flooring.

Contextual Analysis

This is one of the most crucial aspects to consider while designing your floors. Contextual analysis basically means making sure that the floor patterns matches the size and purpose of the space. For example, if you end up with a highly intricate statement flooring for a tiny foyer, you entire aesthetic is going to become instantly claustrophobic. Anyone who enters your home will instantly feel overwhelmed no matter how breezy the rest of the design seems. In such small ways, the flooring can determine the overall visual quality of your home interior.

Fragile Materials

The technicality of materials is another important flooring aspect to be considered. There are many materials that can be used for flooring and they all very different physical functional attributes beyond aesthetics. One good example is full-body porcelain tiles – which are highly recommended because they have a high threshold for wear-and-tear and offer material longevity. Other great options include ceramic tiles and vinyl flooring.

Inadequate Grouting

The pragmatics of flooring are a very technical aspect to consider, but try to educate yourself a little bit in this particular field before you hire a flooring expert. Here’s an important point to remember – the grouting between two individual tiles must be at least 2 mm thick. If not, you can end up with cracked tiles because they had no breathing room between the adhesive. It’s a pretty common mistake, so you should definitely be careful about it during your home renovation project.

Irrelevant Designing

Deciding on the right floor patterns is another aspect you should pay special attention to. With the current cutting-edge technology that can be employed, you can opt for any number of complicated and intricate floor patterns without having to worry about the execution. However, it definitely matters that you keep the design relevant to the surroundings. A complicated marble extravaganza might be suitable for the living room, but it can seem too much for a typical small space-starved HDB bedroom.

Material Relevance

There are a lot of floor tiles available in the market these days. The variation in aesthetic can be challenging to plod through and can end up confusing a lot of the clients. A tile that you’ve selected for a certain space may end up seeming materially and aesthetically irrelevant for that particular room. For example, you cannot have bedroom style distressed wooden tiles in the kitchen, and neither can you opt for high-resilience, ready for wear-and-tear porch tiles for the living room.

Home Guide is an interior design company in Singapore who are experts at conjuring up the big picture. We know all the small ways good and durable flooring can impact the aesthetics and longevity of your interior design, and will always consult you accordingly.

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