5 Steps to Choosing the Right Interior Design Firm in Singapore

5 Steps to Choosing the Right Interior Design Firm in Singapore

Are you planning to renovate your Singapore flat this year? It’s wise to investigate carefully before you hire an interior design firm in Singapore to do the work. After all, there are companies that will pretend to do the work and then steal your money, leaving the job unfinished. Follow these steps to ensure that you hire a qualified, reliable company to do your HDB interior design and renovatins in Singapore.

Step 1. Check HDB Licensing

Every company doing renovations in Singapore needs to be HDB licensed, and it really helps when the interior design company is as well – this helps them to able to design with the proper guidelines in mind. Double check the licensing status of the interior design company you plan to hire, and ensure that the firm is registered with HDB. As an HDB licensed organisation, Home Guide understands all the possibilities and restrictions associated with redesigning and renovating an HDB flat. Our commitment to honest, quality service is well-known among our clients.

Step 2. Ask About the Firm’s Specialty or Expertise

Singapore interior design companies often focus on one particular type of design. Some like to do farmhouse or rustic design with a touch of the industrial. Others prefer to work on with residential customers, while others solely do retail.

Thanks to a broad range of skill, expertise, and creativity among our team members, Home Guide is equally skilled at residential interior design and retail interior design. You can see our gorgeous flats in our photo gallery online, or check out the retail spaces we have created. We like a modern, clean look with high-end finishes, but we’ll work with you to craft a space that brings your vision into reality.

Step 4. Inquire About Payment

How does the company handle payment? Must you pay the entire sum up front? Perhaps you need to put a deposit down and then pay the rest in installments. While some companies include a line item for everything in the bill, others use a flat fee systems. Don’t trust a firm that asks for a 50% deposit, or one that promises to waive all the extra fees. Those could be signs of desperation from a shady company or one that is running out of funds and clients.

Step 5. Establish the Timeline

From the beginning, find out what the timeline for your project might be. Of course, there may be unexpected issues and delays; but in general, a reputable interior design firm will try to stick as close to a reasonable timeline as possible. If problems and delays arise, the company should contact you with a full update so you’re aware of the change in schedule.

One way to find out if a company sticks to deadlines and communicates well with clients is to check reviews from previous customers. On the Home Guide website, we post testimonials from our clients so you can see how much they enjoyed working with us. You can also check our Facebook page for current reviews and ratings.

Ready to get started with your renovation? Contact Home Guide today and set up an initial consultation with our design team.

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