5 Things You Should Never Feature in Your Living Room

5 Things You Should Never Feature in Your Living Room

Whether you’re working on your home interior design or not, there’s no denying that the living room can easily be called the heart of your home. It’s where you spend time with family, connect with friends, relax on your own, and do so much more. And such an activity hub should have impeccable interior design.

While there are countless interior design and decor ideas you can employ to enhance the space with, there are a handful of things that should never make their way to your living room. Keep reading for 5 things you should never feature in your living room — and the reasoning behind each.

Oversized Furniture

One common design mistake in the living room as well as home interior design in general is opting for oversized furniture. This can be a huge sofa, bulky coffee table, or massive entertainment center (note that the sizing is relative to your living room size). And while you may consider it good for functionality— it will actually compromise on the aesthetics. Oversized furniture cramps out the space and makes it feel overwhelming, so it’s a big no. Instead, consider appropriately sized furniture to ensure your room feels coherent.

Poor Lighting Choices

Very simply— lighting makes or breaks a space. If you skimp on lighting, you won’t be able to avail the full potential of even well-designed living spaces. One such mistake is relying solely on one overhead fixture as the sole source of illumination. Instead, try layering different types of lighting (ambient, task, accent), and always be sure to make use of sunlight during the day.

Too Many Matching Elements

Letting your creative juices flow in the living room is a great way to reflect your personality — and when you go all matchy-matchy, the purpose is killed. Instead of buying fully-matched furniture sets, opt for mismatched pieces. For example, pair a chair with exposed legs with a chunky, upholstered sofa.

Clashing Color Schemes

The psychology of colors in interior design demonstrates the importance of hues in your living space. So, opting for a well-curated color palette makes all the difference. At times, rookie designers may tend to put together haphazard or clashing schemes that don’t flow coherently. The solution? The 60-30-10 color rule. This helps you put together a color palette that feels and looks consistent yet visually appealing.

Too Many Accents

Sometimes, you may aim to decorate your living room but end up displaying too many accessories. This can create a sense of clutter in the living room and take away from its visual appeal. So, be sure to get rid of extra clutter and limit the number of accent pieces you display. For example, one accent painting is enough per room, with the others being understated.

Tip— Pondering over questions like “do you really need to hang something on every wall?” will also help you figure the things not to use in your space.

Decor Is Not All About More

We may be too busy focusing on things to add while decorating— but equally important are the things to never feature in your living room.

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