5 Trends Singapore Interior Designers Hate the Most

5 Trends Singapore Interior Designers Hate the Most

Trends always change in the world of interior design. Projects that were hot a five years ago have completely disappeared today, only to be resurrected a decade later. Home owners are quite susceptible to these trends, even if the solution chosen isn’t the best one for their space.

Singapore interior designers have gotten really, really tired of certain home décor ideas that remain popular with the public. Here are a few of these interior design trends and the reasons why you should probably seek an alternative over these ideas.

A Forced Walk-in Closet

Reality shows and real estate television have both acquainted us with the homes of the rich and the famous.

These living spaces often feature a massive walk-in wardrobe – the epitome of luxury in home design.

Many Singaporeans want the same experience but they face one challenge. Their living space is a lot smaller than what celebrities have to work with.

Singaporean interior designers are often asked to cram a walk-in closet in an incredibly small space. Not only is this solution far from functional, it takes away space that could have been put to a much better use.

A claustrophobic walk-in closet in a tiny bedroom is an absolute home décor disaster from a professional’s point of view.

The selection of multi-purpose bedroom furniture that features built-in storage space is a much better choice for a smaller apartment. It will allow for the storage of all important personal belongings while making the bedroom roomy and clean.

Industrial-Inspired Kitchen

A few years ago, industrial interior design was a big hit in Singapore. Today, it has been so massively overdone that it looks somewhat tired.

Exposed pipes, bricks and beams can work as accents. When they dominate the space, however, they take away from the warmth and the cosiness of the kitchen.

An industrial kitchen is anything but inviting. In addition, many designers do not know how to pull this look off. As a result, the outcome appears forced and inauthentic.

Oversized Furniture

This trend used to be especially prominent in Singaporean living rooms where the oversized, over-stuffed sofa dominated.

Comfortable furniture is obviously very important for a beautiful home and a fluffy sofa can contribute to that comfort. Still, furniture should be chosen to correspond to the space.

Experienced interior designers suggest choosing a setting that makes sense for the respective space. While an oversized, massive sofa will make sense in a large, open-space HDB apartment, it’s really not the best choice for the first home of a young couple. Something a bit more streamlined and ergonomic will free up a lot of space, plus it will create dynamic movement lines in the respective room.


Are you in love with the concept of featuring wallpaper in your HDB apartment? If so, you may get your interior designer quite annoyed with the work that will have to be done.

Wallpaper isn’t the easiest of materials to work with. In addition, it often results in a dated look because more fashionable and streamlined opportunities have emerged.

There are a few additional practical reasons why interior designers hate wallpaper.

For a start, the material is typically very easy to damage. Moving a chair from one room to the other can cause a rip or a tear. When damage occurs, you cannot rest assured that you’ll find the exact same kind of wallpaper to fix the situation.

If you want a practical home that’s easy to maintain, opt for paint. There are safe and environmentally-friendly paint options. In addition, different colours can be used to create patterns and textures (with the help of stencils). If you don’t like the outcome, you can easily repaint over it.

Monochromatic Executions

Having everything, including the furniture, in a single colour has long been a prominent design trend. And guess what – designers really dislike this one for several reasons.

Minimalist interior designs in a single colour (typically all-black or all-white) are supposed to be clean, minimalist and streamlined. While these setups appear very attractive in interior design magazines, the truth is somewhat different in real life.

When the concept isn’t executed in the best way, the interior could look like the inside of the hospital (for all-white executions) or it could become dark, gloomy and depressing (for interiors in black).

Monochromatic interiors also tend to lead to practical problems. An all-white home, for example, can easily reflect a lot of light. Darker executions will absorb the light and the heat, increasing the interior temperature (even if you’re relying on insulation).

Light colours, on the other hand, make it difficult to maintain the interior in a pristine condition. Spilling a single mug of coffee or tea can have a detrimental effect on an expensive piece of furniture or a monochromatic rug.

Letter Art and Motivational Quotes

Featuring letter art on an entire wall – does that seem like a good idea? Your home interior design company may eagerly disagree with the concept.

All kinds of art carry a message. When the message is so blatant and direct, however, it starts bordering on kitschy.

The word art trend has managed to survive through the years and it has made it to 2019. Inspirational texts on the wall of the home are typically formulaic and cheesy. A picture, a poster or a statuette can carry a lot more meaning while also maintaining the artistic appeal of the design.

You don’t have to be a “slave” to trends, even if you want a really modern and clean home.

An interior design professional is tasked with understanding the space, understanding your vision and offering a timeless solution that will look equally good today and in five years.

Home Guide’s team has years of experience with different Singapore residential interior design concepts. We are familiar with the latest interior design trends but we only recommend the ones that make sense to our clients.

If you want to freshen up your living space or completely overhaul its interior, contact the Home Guide team today for a thorough assessment and the conceptualization of the right home décor idea.

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