5 Ways Brand Image Can Make Or Break Your Retail Interior Designs

5 Ways Brand Image Can Make Or Break Your Retail Interior Designs

Whether you run a chain corporate retail identity, or are the owner of a small local brand, it is very important to consider the benefits of brand identity with respect to retail interior design. These two are generally mutually exclusive – each has a formidable impact on the other.

Retail interior design is a vast genre that includes all sorts of shop designs – from casual clothing shops to a small outlet that delivers homemade handicrafts. Many people assume that creating a brand identity is only viable if you’re into chain consumerism, but that is definitely not the case. Further, we’ll be taking a look at 5 ways a good brand image can make or break your retail interior design.


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Your brand is basically the personality of your shop. If it were a person, what kind of clothes would it wear? What kind of accent would it talk in? What would be its most common expression? When you interchange this concept with an actual retail interior design, you’ll have to ask the following questions; What do I sell? What is my target audience? How should I reel them in with the design? What kind of an aesthetic would define my business best? In this way, your brand identity becomes the very personality of your business.


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Your retail interior design literally becomes the identity of your brand. Imagine this; a customer walks into your flagship store, experiences a certain theme, and relates that theme with your brand. Now imagine what would happen if that same customer walks into a same brand outlet with a completely different theme? They would never be able to make the connection. So your flagship store literally determines the identity that makes up your brand. Any further deviation would have a negative impact on your customer base.

Tonal Diversity

When you’ve chosen an identifiable interior theme for your Flagship store, it is important to keep its thematic value constant in all the outlets. This aspect of brand identity is completely immersed in interior design. For example, you choose certain features and characteristics that have become the defining quality of the flagship store, and use them in the rest of your outlets to maintain that identity. This way, whenever a customer sees your shop in whatever place, they’ll immediately make the connection.


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Your brand identity is important when you want to deliver the right message, tone and promise to the customer. A high end brand like Zara will always feature a sleek, minimal and contemporary interior design in order to fully get their exclusivity across. Similarly, a sports brand like Reebok will have a completely different brand image that will get their message across. Do you see how this matters? If the Reebok brand starts designing their retail interior design like Zara, it will completely mess up the tone of their product and promise.


nike storefront retail interior design

Your brand identity will also determine the graphics of your retail interior design. This means that it will determine the colour palate, the lighting accents and definitely the materials you’ll be using in your shop. Armani and Charcoal always have a monochrome interior design scheme that exudes elegance and sophistication. Nike retail interiors always have a vivid, sporty colour theme that evokes activism. Most retail interiors even use the logo as an actual design element to make the décor more relevant.

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