5 Ways Interior Design Affects Your Mood

5 Ways Interior Design Affects Your Mood

Happiness is such an elusive thing! Everyone goes about achieving it in a specific way – some people spend quality time with loved ones, others exercise or dedicate themselves to a favourite hobby. Uplifting oneself isn’t always an easy task, especially if surroundings aren’t conducive of happiness.

It’s easy to understand how the ambiance at home can impact mood. Everything – from colour selection to furniture comfort – can have an effect on one’s state of mind. This is the main reason why home interior design is a lot more than pure aesthetics. It can have a profound effect on life quality, especially when conceptualised carefully and executed professionally.

Colour Selection and Psychology

We have written about colour psychology before and it deserves to be mentioned again because of the huge role it plays in mood establishment.

There’s a reason why colours are associated with moods and certain states of mind – envy is green, sadness is blue and love is red or pink. Our language provides a clear indication of how important they are to the human psyche.

Choosing the right colour for each room is one of the simplest ways to get in the perfect mood for some kind of activity.

Orange and yellow, for example, are linked to youth and creativity. They’re great choices for a nursery or an art studio/living room. Red is an energetic, robust colour. If you have a home gym red would be the perfect tone to get yourself in the mood for working out. Green and blue, especially if they’re pastel tones, promote relaxation and peacefulness. And you’ve probably guessed already that they’re ideal colour choices for the bedroom or a chillout area.

Enough Space Makes You Feel Free

It’s no secret that clutter can make you feel depressed. In fact, its impact is so significant that people working in cluttered offices experience a noticeable drop in productivity.

To feel good, you need to have enough space in your home.

Piles of items will get you feeling like you’re suffocating and make you feel anxious. This is why space planning is one of the most important aspects of interior design project conceptualisation.

Luckily, clutter is fairly easy to control. Built-in storage units and smart furniture provide ideal opportunities for small living spaces. When choosing decorative accents, it’s a good idea to go with one prominent and high quality piece instead of numerous knickknacks. These will only collect dust and make you feel annoyed in the end of the day.

Interior Design and Your Energy Level

It’s also true that interior design can make you feel energetic or lethargic, depending on the elements introduced in your living space.

Colour selection has already been mentioned as one of the ways to energise yourself. But there are other possibilities, as well.

The right kind of light is very, very important. Having enough natural light entering your living space will make you feel uplifted and ready to tackle the day. This is why you need to have big windows in a home office or other functional parts of the flat like the living room or the kitchen.

Adding plants to the interior design is also a great idea that has an energising effect. Studies suggest that décor mimicking wild nature enhances one’s mood and increases energy levels.

Textures, Shapes and Emotional Responses

Elements like light, colour and greenery are very easy to understand as far as mood is concerned. There are, however, subtler aspects of interior design that could also be very impactful.

Textures and shapes rank among these elements.

A thick, shaggy rug, for example, makes you feel comfortable and safe. There’s something exceptionally cosy about it that creates the sense of “home” we all crave in our living spaces. Velvet and other similar tactile, rich fabrics create a similar experience.

Wooden elements add warmth to the design and stone is linked to strength. All of these textures and materials can interact with each other to create a home interior that promotes various possible positive emotions.

Feeling Calm and Focused

Finally, your home environment can make you feel calm and focused, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish.

Whether you’re an artist, a writer or someone who needs to work from home often, a sense of peace is essential to tackle tasks in the most effective manner.

Art incorporation in interior design is one of the easiest ways to provoke a sense of calmness and peacefulness. The same applies to water elements like a decorative cascade or an aquarium. There are actual studies on the benefits of having an aquarium in an office and they show it brings down stress levels and helps people concentrate.

These are just a few examples of how interior design can impact just about every aspect of human mood. It’s up to you to control your home environment and tweak it in a way that matches your lifestyle.

If you don’t know how to accomplish the task, do seek professional assistance. Home Guide’s designers know what it takes to put together a functional, uplifting interior design concept and then execute it to perfection with our home renovation contractor services. Contact us now to commence your home’s transformation.

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