5 Ways Interior Design Can Impact Your Office Life!

5 Ways Interior Design Can Impact Your Office Life!

The ‘workforce’ of the contemporary generation spends more than eight hours a day in their offices. This means that the office space has become a major part of their daily experiences and general lifestyle. A good office interior design can therefore end up making or breaking the life of an employee. Here are 5 ways the interior design can impact the office life of a general employee.

Lousy anthropometry

Anthropometry plays a key role in determining if your office life is comfortable or hellish. Imagine this; you’re the unlucky employee whose workstation is on the very periphery of the hall, and the circulation space is narrow enough that everyone bumps into you all the time. Sounds like a nightmare right? Similarly, imagine constantly knocking elbows with your coworkers because your workstation is too tiny for a regular human being. This is why scale, proportion and proper dimensions should always be considered carefully while designing your office interior design.

Constricted layout

A small, restricted and narrow layout will always end up defining your workspace experience and performance. It is understandable that someone may need to accommodate quite a few employees in a limited amount of space, but cramming the space up can end up reflecting on the employee performance. No one can work well in a crowded place where everyone is literally in each other’s business. There are quite a few sophisticated ways to tackle this problem. You could go for a mezzanine floor or opt for more unique furniture layouts. A good and effective office interior design always takes that in consideration.

The psychology of interactive spaces

Contemporary designers always emphasize the importance of an interactive office interior design, but no one ever tells just how much interaction should be catered for. The thing is, if you start intermingling entire departments, it may cause a rift between the employees – too much interaction can have a negative impact on the work productivity. Instead, you can create visual links between all the departments and colour code them according to specific zones. This way, the employees can interact when they have to, but there wouldn’t be any unnecessary conflict. It is an important aspect to consider while considering your office interior design.

Special considerations in design

frosted glass for office interior design

Did you know that a bank manager has to always keep an eye on the overall work and traffic flow that happens on a day to day basis in their branch? But how do they accomplish that when they have their own offices? Easy; special design considerations. A bank manager’s office is always made up from glass walls with strategic frosting. This way, they can keep an eye on the work flow without the employees being any wiser. Such design considerations are always a must-know when you’re taking on an office interior design.

The right lighting flavour

There are two general light flavours used in office interior designs. One is warm – this has quite a positive impact on the ambience. Warm lighting is inherently comfortable and makes the employees feel quite cozy. However, too much gold can emulate a sunny day, which is quite an eye-sore in the indoors. Similarly, cool light only works at a certain intensity. Too much of it can make the office space uncomfortable. So always calculate the amount of lumens required in a certain area before you opt for a ceiling plan.

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