5 Ways The Master Bedroom Can Become Your Ultimate Retreat

5 Ways The Master Bedroom Can Become Your Ultimate Retreat

The bedroom is the ultimate sanctuary for every home owner. It is located in the private zone of a house and is supposed to feature a soothing, tranquil ambiance where the owner can simply let go, relax and be themselves. Usually, during the process of a home interior design , many home owners may get too excited go over the top – instead of embracing its inherent function, such a bedroom ends up looking like a circus act more than a sanctuary. Today, we’re here to tell you 5 ways in which you can make your master bedroom the ultimate retreat.

Windows & Coverings

An extremely crucial aspect that everyone seems to overlook in the interior design of a bedroom is the window, its grill and the requisite window treatments that go with it. For HDB, do take note to be cognizant of all the official guidelines of the Housing Board – you cannot enlarge the window puncture and more – but you can get creative with the treatment. For example, even when you’re working with a standard issue window, you can tweak the style of your window coverings to customize the inlet of natural light and ventilation. Venetian blinds, roller blinds and even pelmets are a good way to go for it.

The Headboard

The headboard of your bed is an important aspect of your master bedroom. It determines the placement of your accent and media walls. Many times, the headboard can become an extension of the accent wall itself – especially when you’re going for a bespoke or platform style bed design. The headboard can dictate the style and ambiance of your bedroom interior design. Just remember not to go too overboard with the whole concept. Simple and plain is always the best way to go with such ventures.

Circulation Space

The furniture is not the only important aspect of your bedroom – circulation space is also a central part of the overall design. Without the proper amount of circulation space, your bedroom will only end up looking tiny and constrained. Instead of looking like a retreat, it will end up seeming like a cell where you come to catch some sleep. So if your space is small, go for compact furniture and wall-to-wall layouts in order to maximize the amount of circulation space.

Activity Nook

If your space allows, then you should definitely go for a small study/reading nook in the master bed. This nook can accommodate any hobby or activity that you like to do in your free time. If you like video gaming or reading books or even working out in your free time, then you can ask your interior designer in Singapore to customise this space according to your activities. This nook can end up making the bedroom your favourite place inside your home, so think carefully before picking one activity for it.


No matter how soothing your color scheme, or how fun your activity nook, your master bedroom can never become a true retreat until and unless you invest in proper lighting. The right temperature and intensity of lighting can end up making your homes seem infinitely more desirable and relaxing than any other design technique ever could.

At Home Guide, we are experts at gauging the full potential and constraints of a space. We understand what any particular HDB renovation requires, and how to better accommodate our client’s aesthetics in an ideal interior design.

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