5 Ways to Maintain an Optimal Temperature In Your HDB Flat

5 Ways to Maintain an Optimal Temperature In Your HDB Flat

Singapore’s hot weather can be a real challenge sometimes. The humid, warm air in your HDB flat will keep you from feeling comfortable and fully relaxed. Luckily, numerous options can be utilised to do effective climate control.

Traditional blinds and fans have long been used to keep the sun out and produce a bit of cool breeze inside an HDB flat. These, however, aren’t the only options at your disposal.

Residential interior design puts a lot of emphasis on effective climate control and here are some of the best ways to accomplish the goal.

1. Maintaining a Cool Apartment and Protecting the Environment

Older AC units and climate control systems may use way too much electricity in order to keep your HDB flat cool. Luckily, there are numerous environment-friendly things you can do to maintain an ideal living temperature.

Plants are a perfect choice if you want a bit of cool bliss in the middle of a hot summer.

In the process of photosynthesis, plants need more than light and water. They also need a source of energy and this source can be heat. Thus, having plants in your apartment will ensure a lower ambient temperature.

An insulating layer of material on the walls is typically seen as a way to keep a flat warm but it can also be used to maintain coolness inside. Talk to your Singapore interior design company about insulation to maintain a cool HDB flat. Insulation will reduce your electricity expenditure if you’re using AC units or a fan. A thermostat or smart climate control sensors can also reduce electricity expenditure by turning HVAC equipment off or keeping it on standby when an optimal temperature has been achieved.

Finally, you should turn to your choice of bedding. A good interior designer don’t just choose textiles that look good. They also opt for practical solutions like cotton sheets. This is a natural, breathable material that will give you a good night’s sleep when the weather is particularly hot.

2. A Simple Solution: Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are often overlooked in home renovation projects.

That’s a pity because they can accomplish wonderful results in terms of cooling down the living space.

Exhaust fans like those typically placed in the kitchen and the bathroom can capture the rising hot air and guide it out of the apartment.

Leaving exhaust fans on for longer periods of time will make the effect really pronounced. This is why you shouldn’t overlook their installation. Be strategic about the placement of such fans if you want to expand their effect beyond the bathroom or the space where you make food.

3. Should You Still Use a Fan?

Air conditioning technology has evolved so much through the years that it’s nothing but logical to ask: is there still a reason to rely on old-school fans?

For a start, fans require less electricity to operate than a complex AC system (especially if you live in a larger HDB flat).

They’re ideal for open spaces because instead of cooling down the air, the fans move it around.

It’s really up to you to determine whether a fan is to be installed in certain parts of the apartment. It can help at times when you don’t really want to turn an air conditioning unit on. This being said, a hybrid approach that features both kinds of installations can give you a lot of flexibility and ensure optimal climate control in all weather conditions.

You can also start looking for fans that are designed to circulate air efficiently, especially with air conditioning turned on.

4. Choose the Right Air Conditioner!

HVAC and air conditioning systems are not created equal.

You can’t just go to the store and pick the first one that you come across, be it the cheapest or the most widely advertised piece of technology.

AC units have different specifications, functionalities and energy efficiency ratings. The choice should also be co-ordinated with the size of the apartment.

If you want to have a green AC system in your home, you should be prepared to spend a larger sum of money on energy-efficient air conditioners. Keep in mind, however, that the investment will pay itself off in a relatively short time period.

Some other features to focus on include how silent the functioning of the AC is (especially if it will be placed in the bedroom), what operation modes it has, how it will filter air, ease of installation and ease of maintenance.

Those who aren’t particularly familiar with the technical aspects of AC operations may ask their interior designer or an HVAC contractor to guide them through the selection process. The specifics of the HDB flat and the budget will be two of the guidelines used to make the best selection.

5. Interior Design That Improves Air Circulation

Good air circulation will give you a feeling of coolness and comfort. Interior designers can introduce several solutions to improve the flow of air in an HDB flat and to keep the ambient temperature manageable.

Leaving doors open or having open hallways without doors is one of the simplest approaches.

The right fabrics are also essential. There are so many items made out of a fabric inside an apartment – curtains, pillowcases, rugs, carpets, upholstery, etc.

These fabrics, especially if they’re synthetic, will not be breathable. Hence, air could easily get trapped inside a room, contributing to an elevation in temperature. When possible, opt for natural fabrics. Cotton, linen and silk are all ideal choices for climate control.

Keeping your apartment cool in Singapore can be easy, if you know what you’re doing.

Solutions should be chosen to face the specific challenges in your living space. Home Guide has the residential interior design experience to guide you through the process and come up with a tailored solution. Contact us today if you’re tired of an HDB apartment that’s way too hot and stuffy. We can turn things around quickly, professionally and in an affordable way.

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