5 Ways to Make Your HDB Look Super Atas

5 Ways to Make Your HDB Look Super Atas

Luxury – something that many of us want to pursue but are afraid to get into because of the price tag. The thing is, an atas-looking apartment isn’t really about the amount you invest in home renovations. You can make your HDB flat look sophisticated to the max by completing a couple of strategic changes.

Home Guide is a Singapore home interior design company that has dealt with such requests time and time again. There are true and tested methods bound to give you the atas feel without breaking the bank.

Colour Schemes Make a World of Difference

interior design singapore dark accent wall paint

A sophisticated colour scheme or a combination of two complementary/contrasting colours can completely overhaul your interior design and make it feel super posh.

Something as simple as going for a gold and black colour scheme will immediately lift up the décor and take it to the next level.

You have to be careful, however. There’s a fine line between luxurious and kitschy. The main colour, the accent colour and the execution all matter.

In the specific black and gold example, black should be the main colour with a few gold accents here and there for emphasis. If you overdo the gold, chances are that the outcome will be more tacky and less atas.

Work on a cohesive concept. Good home interior design looks solid and carefully planned. There are no mistakes, omissions or small discrepancies. These are the ones that ruin the luxurious feel. Thus, you need to look at the big picture rather than just having a few glossy accents here and there.

Choose Art That Speaks to You

atas high end home interior design use art

Artwork can quickly transform a living space and give it a unique spirit. When it comes to art, it’s not about the price. Framed pictures, posters and collages can be really cheap, yet visually stunning.

Once again, you need a cohesive concept to transform your home.

Large black and white photographs, for example, will immediately elevate your interior and make your home look like a celebrity house. There’s something incredibly sophisticated and classy in black and white art.

Alternatively, choose one large painting for the living room. Go for art that speaks to you and appeals on an emotional level. Don’t try to replicate an interior just because you think it’s cool. This approach lacks the personal touch and the final outcome will ring hollow.

Finally, you can consider alternative forms of art – paintings, photos and posters aren’t the only choices.

A beautiful sculpture or a mosaic will instantly get noticed. Ethnic or folk art can also give you a really interesting outcome that looks upscale and unique.

Artistic Lights and Fixtures

The Top Interior Lighting Design Trends Of 2019 sculptural lighting

Every interior designer will tell you that the creative use of light can completely transform your apartment.

Accent lights can be used to highlight the most interesting and unique aspects of home décor. Ambient lighting will result in a soft feel that can conceal some of the imperfections and enhance the overall posh mood.

Something as simple as replacing the lamp shades you use right now can take your lights from basic to expensive-looking.

Elegant, tall or modernistic lamps are all great choices for an HDB flat that carries the atas spirit.

Warm light tones should be prioritised over neutral or cold light. The warm light adds some softness and richness to the interior design. It’s more flattering and it creates a homey feel. Neutral and cold lights carry the sensation of being in a hospital waiting room – something that you don’t really want to have associated with your home.

Minimalism + One Statement Piece

There’s one more effective approach for achieving the atas look.

Instead of scattering posh accents here and there, go for minimalism and one truly luxurious statement piece.

It’s always best to invest in one quality item instead of in a medley of things that carry questionable aesthetics at best.

Minimalism is inherently atas. Many celebrity homes are executed in a minimal style that’s very clean and modern. Usually, the absence of stuff points attention to the one or two things that truly deserved to be highlighted.

Whether it’s an expensive piece of art or a modernistic, futuristic chair for the living room, minimalism will make that piece the star of the décor.

Replicate the Feel of Expensive Materials

If you can’t afford marble, solid wood and granite, the next best thing would be to choose materials that look like the real thing like laminate.

Luckily, the market offers so many options that look authentic. The execution is so good that almost nobody will tell the difference between genuine oak and a replica.

There are beautiful tiles and vinyl wraps that look like wood, granite and even various expensive metals. Laminate and other synthetic materials cost a fraction of their natural counterpart. When applied professionally and placed strategically, these doppelgangers will give you luxury and longevity of the renovation.

Don’t be afraid to pursue such alternatives. Once you acquaint yourself with the replicas, you’ll find out that they don’t look cheap at all. On the contrary – they’re beautiful and usually much easier to maintain in top condition than the real thing.

You don’t have to settle for a basic home interior just because you’re trying to renovate on a limited budget.

Creative solutions do exist – the market has a wide choice of products that can satisfy any budgetary preference. Just talk to your home interior design company about the look and feel you want for your home. Chances are that you’ll get multiple ideas that meet your goal and fall within your target budget.

Home Guide’s interior designers are ready to make your home both functional and super atas. Check out our residential interior design portfolio here and contact us today to get started.

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