6 Best Home Office Setups

6 Best Home Office Setups

Covid-19 has changed the way we live, the way we interact with others and the way we work. Many companies have prioritised the safety of their employees by adhering to current Circuit Breaker safe-distancing measure of closing workplaces, adopting the home office setup. If you’ve never worked from a home office before, however, you may be somewhat clueless about dedicating a space in your flat to the purpose.

Interior design professionals recommend several home office setups as much more effective than others. You don’t need significant resources to create such a space conducive to concentration and productivity. Here are a couple of basic ideas and guiding principles for setting up the best home office.

A Small Home Office Setup

The first setup is probably the one that will appeal to most Singaporeans as it can be executed effortlessly in a space-starved flat.

What you need to understand clearly is that a home office can be put together in a nook or a corner of a room. You’ll need a desk, an ergonomic chair and just one storage unit for the purpose. Obviously, there could be some other equipment required on the basis of your line of work but you get the idea.

The corner of the living room is a great choice for the setting up of a home office. If you have one bare wall, you can add floating shelves and eliminate the need for a storage unit like a filing cabinet.

Dedicating a part of the bedroom to a home office is another good idea you can execute if you’re looking for a more tranquil and undisturbed environment.

The general rule of thumb here is to build up rather than out so that you can make the most of the available vertical space. Such an approach will help you organise the essentials without creating clutter in your home. Keep it minimal!

The Window Home Office

Natural light boosts cognitive abilities and concentration. Hence, you may want to place your desk under a window for an optimal home office setup.

If you have a balcony or some type of patio, that space can easily be transformed into an outdoor office. You’ll get to enjoy the sunlight and the fresh air. Being outside will also create a bit of separation from the rest of your family, giving you the perfect chance to handle distractions.

The Comfy Home Office

While it’s important to create a clear line of separation between the office and the rest of the flat, you can easily utilise some of the perks of being at home.

While it is more of a challenge to make the office more like a home, it is easy to make your home work space feel cosy and comfortable. A thick rug or a carpet will quickly take away from the sterility of the office. You can also have a small couch or a love-seat (even a bean bag chair) by your desk for those moments you need to relax or do a bit of creative thinking.

A hybrid setup works well for nearly all lines of work. Finish the design off with the right decorations like pictures created by your kids or some favourite, inspiring artwork.

Disappearing Home Office

If you’re really, really pressed for space, you can utilise the amazing power of smart, multi-purpose furniture.

There are numerous home solutions that will give you a desk and a storage unit during the day and that you can transform into something else when you’re done with your professional tasks.

Storage units and filing cabinets, for example, can double as coffee tables for the living room. There are also foldable desks you can elevate when you’re done with work to open up space.

While some smart furniture pieces need to be custom-created for your space, there are also readily available products in most furniture stores. Check those out – some of the retailers can easily deliver a smart desk or a storage unit to your home at a time of social distancing.

The Standing Desk Home Office

Consider getting a standing desk for your home office if you don’t have a dedicated work space already.

Standing desks come with multiple advantages worth exploring.

For a start, they occupy a lot less space than a regular desk. In the end of the day, a standing desk can be folded to make the interior design clean and clutter-free.

Standing desks encourage you to take more frequent breaks and to move around. If you’ve spent some time at home already, you know that immobility can be a huge issue.

There are standing desks that can transform into a regular desk, if you’re not 100 per cent confident in the suitability of the idea. Such hybrid choices have been embraced in numerous offices and they’re a massive hit among employees.

The Makeshift Home Office

Some people don’t need a dedicated work space to stay engaged and productive at home.

If you’re one of these people, you’ll be free from having to invest in new furniture or home modifications at this time.

Still, you should find some way to handle distractions. Portable panels and screens may be a good choice to separate yourself from the rest of the family and enjoy some tranquillity.

The right home office setup depends entirely on the way you work and the resources you need to be productive. Take some time to consider the biggest challenges you’ll need to overcome at home and base the setup on those.

Finally, don’t forget to enlist some professional assistance.

The interior design team at Home Guide  are specialists in both residential interior design projects as well as office interior design we are still by your side at this challenging moment, even if we could only offer remote assistance. Contact us today via phone, email, social media or WhatsApp to discuss the specifics of your brand new home office concept.

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