6 Great Ceiling Design Ideas for Your HDB Home

6 Great Ceiling Design Ideas for Your HDB Home

Interior design efforts often focus on the walls, the floors (which we think needs a lot of attention) and the accessories to be placed in a certain room. Ceilings remain under-appreciated, regardless of the fact that they offer wonderful opportunities for the creation of bright and modern apartment.

If you want your interior design to stand out, you may consider partnering with a company that will pay attention to every little detail. Ceiling design will often take the concept from the realm of the ordinary to something completely breakthrough and innovative.

Do you need a bit of inspiration? Here are a few great ceiling design ideas that we have come up with.

Create Contrast in the Room

There’s no need to have the entire room in matching colours. In fact, a bit of contrast can be used artistically to diversify the monochrome appeal of the walls and the ceiling.

Residential interior design is more exciting and visually pleasing when contrast is used to direct attention to the most important details. Thus, the ceiling can be painted in a dark colour or a tone that’s completely different from that of the walls.

A saturated, rich ceiling colour is a great idea whenever the design is simple and clean. If there are many decorations, accessories and ornaments, the monochrome execution will be considered a better choice.

Ceiling Artwork

If you don’t want to hang art on the walls, you can turn the entire ceiling into a painting.

The canvas will be much bigger this way and the artwork is going to be quite impressive. Whether you go modern or you opt for something a bit more traditional is entirely up to you.

Ceiling artwork is once again suitable for HDB apartments that do not feature an awful lot of other decorations. Beautiful accessories in the room will not be noticed if you have a large painting on the ceiling that will capture the interest of the visitor immediately.

Tented Ceilings

Your home renovation could feature a pretty impressive and unexpected element in the form of a tented ceiling.

The addition of fabric to the ceiling will give the room a bit of rustic charm and richness. Who said you can have curtains solely on the windows? Large pieces of fabrics result in some softness, even a romantic ambiance.

Silk is an ideal fabric for the creation of a ceiling tent. It looks luxurious and it happens to be shiny. In addition, it does not accumulate dust in a manner similar to other textiles, which turns it in the ultimate pick for the execution of interior design projects.

Colour selection is entirely up to you. The fabric can be used to create contrast or it can complement the other tones in the room. If you opt for patterned or printed fabrics, you will have to once again make sure that the rest of the interior design is pretty clean and simple.

Decorative Details

Wooden slates, mirrors and even tiles can be used to create decorative details on the ceiling.

You can have beehive combs, the ceiling of an Alpine hut or even an intricate mosaic on the ceiling. What matters is choosing a pattern and a design that corresponds to the interior design theme you’ve chosen for the rest of the apartment.

An origami-like wooden ceiling is also quite trendy today. It will create a lot of warmth and the intricate pattern will result in visual appeal. If you can’t imagine what this ceiling is going to look like, do a bit of online research. There are dozens of beautiful examples you can draw inspiration from.

A Glass Ceiling That Lets Light Inside

If the location of the apartment makes it possible, you should definitely explore the opportunity of having a glass ceiling.

The glass ceiling is the perfect choice for letting a lot of natural light into the apartment. While this design concept isn’t always easy to execute, the outcome will be stunning every single time.

The downside of extensive glass usage is that you’ll feel as if your privacy has been lost. Cover-up panels can be integrated into the remodelling to address this issue. Keep in mind, however, that the execution of such a project may be somewhat costly.

Silver and Gold

For a bit of luxury, consider the use of silver or gold leaf on the ceiling of your apartment.

Both silver and gold leafing are relatively easy to execute and the outcome will look radically different from the original appearance of the room. Obviously, faux gold and silver are going to be used but the metallic shine is going to be exquisite.

If you don’t feel like leafing the entire ceiling, gold and silver accents can be created. You can opt for geometric shapes or something a bit more elaborate or complicated.

As you can see, the humble painted ceiling is not the only option for your apartment. There are dozens of interesting ideas to try if you are bold enough and if you want your home to have its unique appeal.

Always look for the right interior design company for the execution of such projects. One of the easiest ways to identify the right Singapore professionals for the job is to take a look at their portfolio. Do you like the overall style? Have they done multiple projects that resemble what you’re looking for? If the answer is positive, you should definitely inquire into a partnership with the respective interior design team.

Home Guide has been working on the Singapore residential and commercial market since 1992. We are HDB licensed and we understand the importance of communication. Our interior designers work hard to understand the concept that the client has in mind and to bring it to reality.

Contact us today if you want a beautiful ceiling for your HDB apartment. We have numerous creative suggestions that we know you’re going to fall in love with.

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