6 Home Renovation Interior Design Styles That Home Guide Totally Owned

6 Home Renovation Interior Design Styles That Home Guide Totally Owned

Interior design has so many faces that it’s difficult to put a label to all of the variety. There are numerous styles, trends and tendencies that designers can embrace, mix and match to give their clients a splendid outcome every single time.

The variety is so great that no Singapore interior design company can master all of the possibilities. The longer a team has been in business, however, the more diversified their portfolio is going to be.

Home Guide’s residential portfolio is living proof of the claim. Through the years, we’ve carried out numerous home renovations to accommodate for the specific tastes and preferences of so many clients. The results are always bright, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly – functional.

If you’d like to acquaint yourself with the most prominent interior design styles that Home Guide has totally owned, check out the examples below.

Functional Minimalism

621 bukit batok hdb resale interior design and renovation daylight living

Minimalism is a timeless, elegant style that will always remain in high demand. At the same time, executing a minimalist concept flawlessly isn’t easy. When the minimalism lacks personality and proper tailoring, it can end up looking too bland and sterile.

That’s a problem our team has never had due to the fact that we work on minimalist projects very frequently. These are exceptionally good for small spaces, creating clever solutions to optimise the flat and give the inhabitants comfort without clutter.

Check out this beautiful, sleek and minimalist Bukit Batok flat.

It’s minimal in a sense that it features only functional essentials in terms of furniture and decoration. At the same time, the execution carries a lot of warmth and distinctiveness. The selection of dark tones and certain materials give it strong, sophisticated masculine vibes.

Scandinavian Appeal

Leedon Residence Interior Design Renovations Living area Dining area

Scandinavian is another interior design style that will never go out of fashion. The focus is once again functionality. At the same time, Scandinavian design is heavily reliant on natural materials and colour schemes that Singapore BTO flat owners find especially enticing.

We carried out a distinctive Scandinavian project at this Leedon Residence apartment.

The design emphasis fell on art, functionality and the owner’s love of quality wine. To bring all of these together, we incorporated smart storage solutions into the flat’s design, we focused on neutral and natural tones and we added a bit of playfulness through the incorporation of geometric shapes and patterns into the décor.

Modern Eclectic with an Artistic Flair

Camelot by the water condo interior design renovation living room

For many BTO flat owners, a single design style simply doesn’t cut it. They want choices in line with their lifestyle. Quite often, these choices fall under different design categories and can be difficult to bring together.

An experienced home interior design company, however, can make eclectic home decors look harmonious.

We’re especially proud of the Camelot by the Water condo project that was executed beautifully by our team. We married the eclectic and artistic style with hi-tech elements and innovative entertainment solutions. Bringing together artistic flair and a multimedia room was a ton of fun. The final result bold yet balanced.

Modern Urban Chic

Modern interior design is a fairly broad category. It addresses the needs of the busy professional in their 20s and 30s. Modern, urban design embraces functionality, ergonomics and technology. It’s a style that Home Guide’s team loves working with.

Here’s an example of a modern interior design concept we brought together for one of our clients.

interior design perspectives the versatile power of textile yio chu kang

Just like the modern style imposes, the design for this Yio Chu Kang Rd flat is functional and clean. This, however, doesn’t mean it’s boring or sterile.

We utilised a selection of bold furniture to contrast the clean lines.

The flat design also incorporates various nook and crannies that can hold personal items, souvenirs and art. These add even more to the overall character of the space by revealing a bit more about the residents and what they like.

Muji Love

upcoming 4 room bto launches interior design renovation ideas strathmore living room

The muji interior design style is quite interesting and pragmatic, as demonstrated by this Strathmore Avenue BTO renovation.

Muji décor is all about Japanese functionality, quality and straightforward design. There are no needless decorations, ornaments, bells and whistles. High quality natural materials give each choice a ton of sleekness and stylishness.

Muji isn’t simply minimalist, it’s also focused on quality. This is why we love it and get especially excited whenever such a project needs to be tackled.

Nautical Freshness

Here’s an example of a more niche nautical themed BTO project that we once again enjoyed working on tremendously.

Blk 783B Woodlands Rise 4 Room BTO Interior Design Renovation by Home Guide

Nautical themes aren’t as prominent as some of the other styles mentioned but they have a big number of devoted fans.

There’s something special about the blueness of the sea, its vastness and the distinctive sense of freedom that stems from it. Capturing all these elements in a BTO home interior design and renovation isn’t easy (but can be quite rewarding).

The nautical interior design at this Woodlands Rise 4-room BTO is perfect for the open spaces and the size of the flat. It brings numerous blues and whites together to create crisp and fresh backgrounds that pair really well with natural materials.

What’s Your Dream Home Style?

What interior design styles matches the specifics of the perfect BTO flat for your family?

Do you have a concept? Do you have some idea that still hasn’t come to full clarity?

Whatever the situation, don’t hesitate to contact Home Guide.

We’d be more than happy to get to know you and your vision better. Based on your input, we’ll work on a conceptual idea that will later on be brought to reality effortlessly.

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