6 Interior Trends to Lose and 6 to Love in 2019

6 Interior Trends to Lose and 6 to Love in 2019

While we believe in timeless design with a contemporary twist, the interior design world is dominated by trends that change from year to year. We take a look at the trends you loved in 2018, but that have now outstayed their welcome, and suggest some options that interior designers in Singapore and the rest of the world will be replacing them with, in 2019. While fitting out your entire home to suit one fashion is never advised, adding elements of a style that particularly catches your eye is a good way to keep your home feeling fresh and on point.

Cool greys fade out slowly after spending a good few years in the spotlight. Greys have dominated the colour palette for some time, seeing materials like grey-white marble and smokey felts dominating the scandi-style scene. However, now it’s time we see the warmer colours take the stage. On the lighter end of the spectrum, oatmeals and linens dominate keeping things clean but cosy, while the darker end of the spectrum is filled with rich jewel-like reds, greens and deep yellows. Dulux, the colour experts that provide a trendsetting palette for each year, chose spiced honey as their 2019 ambassador and it perfectly mixes warm and natural as a versatile base colour.

residential interior design Singapore OUE Twin peaks living room door closed

Fast furniture fades out which it would do anyway as these pieces are never made to last. This means any furniture that copied the classics but was produced at a fraction of the price; making once glowing design masterpieces feel hackneyed and drab.  Instead, in 2019, we’ll be seeing old and original pieces take the stage. This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank with design originals, though by all means do so if you can. What it does mean, is find those vintage market treasures, or pieces hiding in your grandmother’s attic that have the genuine patina of age, and the character to go with it. These are indulgent pieces that have already lasted a lifetime or two and will fit into a range of interior decor styles.

6 interior trends to lose and 6 to love in 2019 original panton chairs timber piano

Mid-century modern fades out after dominating the decor world in everything from coffee mugs to dining tables. While this trend won’t truly disappear, doing your entire home in this look becomes unnecessary. To truly show the breakaway, however, we will see 60s and 70s retro take the stage. This move further highlights the focus on colours in warmer tones and lends itself to the richer materials like velvet, tassels and multifunctional mirrors. Chunky textures and contemporary textiles will save us from going full disco, and create a contemporary version of this retro theme.

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Another dominant home interior design theme of 2018 was entire rooms fitted out in rose gold or brass. These dominating metals fade out as does the idea of one look dominating a design theme, making homes feel like magazine re-makes rather than fresh, living spaces. The worst side of the overused metals trend was the hastily produced reproductions, in brash, too-shiny, fake metals, so we are happy to see this one fade away. Instead, we see a trend of mixed metals taking the stage.  Choose a few key pieces, either antique finds or artisanal, locally produced works, that can easily work into any room, as accents or focal points. Just as a mix of timbers helps to add depth to an interior design concept, a beautiful mix of metals in unexpected places will do the same.

Kitchens are areas that can dominate the home with strong design statements, especially with the open plan style sticking around. In 2019 we see the farmhouse or industrial kitchen fade out, which means no more freestanding, exposed appliances creating a busy cluttered space. Instead, Clean, darker coloured kitchens take the stage. The deeper rich colours of the new palette move into kitchens as well, with cabinetry and even countertops in bold statement colours. Cabinetry is sleeker and appliances are concealed to allow for easy cleaning and hidden mess.

You may have noticed a certain pattern in the upcoming trends of 2019, that more focus is being put on the quality of the design. The workmanship and origin of the piece are becoming important along with whether or not the piece will end up on the junk heap in 5 years time. It seems to go without saying, that as the world’s focus moves towards finding alternative, green options for almost everything, so the design world would follow suit. Throwaway trends fade out in a big way, whilst repurposing old items with an eye to sustainability, takes the stage. This could mean supporting local designers that are developing new materials and production methods to avoid waste or building with materials that focus on protecting the environment. This ethos seems to be seeping into all areas of interior design and is one ‘trend’ that we hope is here to stay.

It all works together. Powerful design starts by taking elements that may be in fashion today and incorporating them into a solid design concept. The quality of the craftsmanship and the strength of the design will determine whether that interior stands the test of time or fades into obscurity. We’ve highlighted 6 trends to leave behind and what to replace them with to help take the guesswork out of your next interior project. Home Guide works on creating spaces that will remain fresh and relevant no matter the trend, while incorporating elements of fashionable design to ensure your space is relevant and of its time. If you are unsure of how to make a space that seamlessly melds trend and timelessness, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you create your ideal home, retail or office interior design.

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