6 Scandinavian-Inspired HDB Apartment Design Ideas

6 Scandinavian-Inspired HDB Apartment Design Ideas

Scandinavian interior design has a timeless, classic appeal. The use of light is one of the most important, defining characteristics. Scandinavian interiors are also clutter-free and they put emphasis on light colours like white and beige.

HDB homes can benefit massively from the clean aesthetic. Many interior design service providers focus on such themes but there are dozens of variations as far as execution goes. Choosing an experienced Singapore interior design company is the first step towards getting the outcome you’re hoping for. In addition, you can do some research to make sure you know what you’d like the execution to look like.

If you need a bit of inspiration, here are several creative Scandinavian interior design ideas that will enable the complete transformation of your HDB apartment.

Monochromatic Execution

Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas Monochromatic

The one word that defines Scandinavian interior design is “clean.”  Accomplishing the goal is heavily dependent on the colour scheme that you choose.

Monochromatic execution is very typical for Scandinavian designs. The colours chosen create the illusion of more space and they also allow for light to reflect on the surfaces. As a result, the apartment appears to be both bigger and brighter.

Crisp white, beige, light yellow and light blue are all excellent choices when it comes to picking the main colour for the apartment. Scandinavian design is also recognised for bright pops of colour here and there. These create accents and points of visual interest. While bright splotches need to be used sparingly, they will add freshness to the design and make the interior much more vivid.

Wood and Natural Materials

Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas Wood Natural Materials

When thinking about Scandinavian design, many people imagine a small and cosy villa in the Alps.

Such designs utilise a lot of natural elements.

Hardwood floors, stone and wooden accents all bring the clean and sophisticated appearance of nature to the apartment.

When such accent pieces are being utilised, darker colours can come in stark contrast with the lighter background. This contrast creates visual interest and it allows accessories or decorations to be noticed immediately.

The picture can be completed through the addition of live plants. Whether the design team opts for flowering species or greenery, this could be the natural pop of colour required to brighten up the apartment and make it feel like a home.

Clean Lines

Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas Clean Lines

Finnish design isn’t very rustic or ornate. The muted colours and natural materials already give you an idea that the functionality of the apartment and the cleanness of the space come first.

Experienced Singapore interior design professionals will tell you that clean lines and minimalism are defining for the Scandinavian feel. Artwork and decorations are small and unobtrusive. Excessive detailing is either missing or kept down to a minimum.

Solid pieces are used, whether it comes to furniture or accessories. The ergonomic nature of designs is also very easy to notice. The pieces have a flowing, functional appearance. There’s nothing unnecessary and if decorations are present, they’re a part of the functional appeal.

Accent pieces are still utilised but they’re small and scattered far in between. There may be one statement piece on a white wall. It has to be the right one since very little has to tell a lot to the residents and the visitors of the HDB apartment.

Adding Some Texture

Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas Textures

While minimalism is such an important concept in Scandinavian design, the use of texture here and there is acceptable and even desirable.

Texture can create highlights in the living room, the bathroom or the kitchen. Marbled tiles in the bathroom, for example, create a textural effect that’s a bit more playful and that breaks away from the monochromatic standard of Scandinavian design.

The same applies to a rug in the living room. While wall to wall carpets aren’t typical in Finnish and other Scandinavian designs, a small rug in front of the coffee table will break up the “sterility” of the design and also contribute to a somewhat homelier feel.

Maximising Light

Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas Maximize Light

Home interior design in Singapore should make the most of the available characteristics of the living space.

On occasions, an HDB apartment will have a limited number of windows. This means that the amount of light entering the rooms will be insufficient to guarantee the brightness and crispness so typical of Scandinavian interior.

Smart designers know there are little tricks that can be used to maximise the light.

Strategically-placed mirrors allow light to reflect from the surface and make the room appear brighter. An added benefit of using mirrored accessories is that they create the illusion of more space.

The same applies to glass surfaces (for example, cabinet doors) and mirrored tiles that are used to create mosaics or other decorations.

Clutter-Free Interior through Multi-Purpose Furniture

You have probably seen those Facebook videos featuring smart furniture – you’re looking at a desk one minute and the next moment it transforms into a bed.

Multi-purpose furniture is incredibly popular when it comes to the execution of Scandinavian interiors. Such pieces are ideal for smaller apartments. They ensure comfort without taking up a lot of space.

Clutter-free design is very defining for the Scandinavian countries. As already mentioned, everything in the apartment serves a purpose and the accent pieces are just a few.

If you have a relatively small apartment, Scandinavian is the best way to go. The selection of smart and transformative furniture will give you all essentials and a clean, clutter-free house.

Scandinavian design appeals to a wide range of people due to its effortless simplicity and modern feel. Choosing such an option for your new apartment or for a redecoration project is an excellent idea for making the most of the available space.

Don’t hesitate to seek experienced interior designers who can help you bring the idea to reality. The Home Guide team is ready to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know a bit more about the upcoming project. We’ll be more than happy to help you refine the idea and turn your apartment in a beautiful home.

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