7 Movies You Need to Watch Before Redecorating Your Home

7 Movies You Need to Watch Before Redecorating Your Home

Are you lacking interior design inspiration? You can boost your creativity in a couple of ways. Going through Pinterest boards is obviously an easy choice to acquaint yourself with so many interior design styles and fresh interior design concepts. Sometimes, however, you could be looking for a little bit more.

While there aren’t too many movies that focus on design and the splendid work that can be done in a residential space, there are lots of inspiring designs and décor projects to spot while watching. The following list will acquaint you with some of the best movies you should watch today if you are seeking home renovation or interior design inspiration.

The Great Gatsby

This is probably one of the films in which the interior design takes a role as central as that of the main characters.

Opulent, lavish and sophisticated, The Great Gatsby interiors are distinctive from each other. Every single room has something to offer and it’s evident that a lot of work has been put into the conceptualisation of the décors.

If you are interested in the roaring twenties and the interior design ideas/themes associated to those, The Great Gatsby is the film to watch.

the great gatsby set photo interior design architectural digest
the great gatsby set photo interior design architectural digest

Crazy Rich Asians

Here’s another luxurious glimpse into the world of the rich and the famous.

Crazy Rich Asians doesn’t provide ideas that are readily accomplishable within the confines of the typical Singapore flat. Still, there are numerous glamorous décors that could provide some inspiration.

For the film, former hotels and abandoned mansions were turned into the opulent homes depicted. Needless to say, a ton of interior design work has to be done for the purpose. The team did an excellent job, making it fairly easy for the viewer to immerse themselves in the world of millionaires.

To make the illusion so very realistic, the team did a lot of painting and work with colour. As unbelievable as it may seem, an entire faux stuffed tiger was also created just for the production.

crazy rich asian set photo interior design architectural digest
crazy rich asian set photo interior design architectural digest


For a bit of French chic, quirkiness and warmth, you should definitely watch Amelie –a feel-good classic that captures the spirit of Paris so well.

This film is a great choice for people interested in monochromatic designs.

Amelie’s entire flat is decorated in red – from the upholstered furniture pieces to the wallpaper. A striking shade of blue is used here and there to break up the design and give it a bit of visual appeal. Strangely enough, the two colour work incredibly well together (regardless of the fact that they really should not).

amelie kitchen set photo interior design architectural digest
amelie kitchen set photo interior design architectural digest


If you’re not looking for a mainstream production but rather a more specialised look at design, try out a film like Objectified.

The documentary examines the relationship we have with mass-manufactured items.

While the film focuses a bit more on product design, it’s still intriguing and it sheds a lot of light into the creative process.

The work of creative designers is quite invaluable as it contributes to the functional and smart items we utilise on a daily basis. As the film takes a look at both form and function, it can also be applied to the realms of home décor and interior design.

crazy rich asian set photo interior design architectural digest
crazy rich asian set photo interior design architectural digest


Set in the future, Her is quite different from other futuristic depictions of life. There aren’t too many innovative gadgets and extensive minimalism. Rather, the film focuses on emotions and it uses interior design to influence the viewer in a particular way.

The apartment that the protagonist inhabits is a complete reflection of his state of mind. The colour selection and the lights used in the production show just how lonely he is. At the same time, the style works incredibly well with the beautiful futuristic skyline that the production team worked extensively on creating.

her home set photo interior design
her home set photo interior design

The Grand Budapest Hotel

We couldn’t omit this one, regardless of the fact that the film doesn’t focus on residential interior design.

The Grand Budapest Hotel demonstrates a masterful artistic vision. Perfect symmetry, lots of textures and bright colours all create a scenic background for the action to unfold.

Most of the items and décors used on set are pretty whimsical. To get the desired visuals, the set designer sought inspiration in the interior designs Alpine resort hotels embraced. The result is a coherent, authentic vision that viewers fall in love with immediately.

the grand budapest hotel set photo interior design
the grand budapest hotel set photo interior design


The masterful 1980s production features striking interiors executed in an avant-garde style.

Artist Delia Deetz is the one responsible for the “futuristic” designs in the film. While in theory her choices shouldn’t have worked well together, what we see on screen is visually-pleasing and quite impressive.

The colour scheme is also an interesting choice that you may want to pay attention to the next time you decide to watch the Tim Burton classic.

And here’s a final honorary mention – if you want to see interior design work in action, watch It’s Complicated. The comedic film has a spectacular cast and an actual designer who’s tasked with an extensive renovation and remodelling job.

Interior design inspiration hides just about everywhere – on TV, within the pages of magazines and even on the street. Entering a shop or a cosy café can give you amazing ideas for the project you’re about to carry out.

If you already have some kind of vision or you’re looking for someone to strengthen the concept you have in your head, Home Guide can help. Our team has experience in various different fields – check out our range of services for a better idea. Once you’re ready to get started on the execution, you’ll simply need to contact us and schedule the first consultation.

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