7 tricks Interior Designers Use to Make Small Spaces Feel Bigger

7 tricks Interior Designers Use to Make Small Spaces Feel Bigger

Buying a house is an exciting experience and nowadays many are choosing to go with a smaller option. Apartments, studios and even Tiny Homes have become the fashionable choice. But, just because you’re buying small, doesn’t mean it has to feel small. These designer’s tricks will help you create a spacious interior design for your home.

citylife tampines master bedroom condo interior design
This neutral bedroom feels calm and light
  1. Colour – The first little trick that makes a BIG difference is: light colours reflect light and open up a space, dark colours absorb light and close it up, simple. Your wall colour is one of the easiest and most effective areas in which to apply this. Keep walls, ceiling and detailing, subtle shades of the same colour to create a calm, neutral backdrop for your furnishings.
the interlace bedroom interior design
Sheer curtains allow light to filter in all day.
  1. Windows – Windows add natural light and create flow, so allow them to shine using light or sheer curtains. Finally, a simple yet magic trick is to use full length curtains even with small windows, to create the illusion of height.
grand duchess residential interior design living room
The addition of a large mirror nearly doubles this space.
  1. Mirrors – Can’t afford to add a window? Then add a mirror! Create an illusion of extra space with a mirror by placing a large one opposite a window to reflect fresh natural light.
sommerville park living room residential interior design singapore
Beautiful quality flooring doesn’t need a rug at all.
  1. Flooring – Keep flooring simple and clean, larger tiles and broader, longer floorboards create a sense of space. Rugs should be large and plain, though if your flooring is beautiful, why not get rid of the rug entirely?
residential interior design condo doublebay bedroom
This bed doubles up as storage, and even the bedside table can fold away.
  1. Furniture – Fewer key pieces of furniture are best, in light/neutral colours. Choose furniture raised on thin legs instead of blocky and heavy pieces. Also, multi-purpose furniture is a great way to save space: a sleeper-couch, an extendable dining table and an ottoman that doubles as storage are great ways to make every centimetre count.
home interior design ocean park dining area
These pendants add a pool of light over the dining table, creating interest in this simple space.
  1. Lighting – Dark spaces always look smaller. Create a combination with task, general and ambient lighting to allow for all needs and to create a sense of warmth.
  1. Finally, remember to have fun! A happy home is a beautiful home, so look for the perfect balance to suit your taste and budget.

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