A 3D Interior Design Visualisation Will Help You Choose the Right Contractor. Here’s How

A 3D Interior Design Visualisation Will Help You Choose the Right Contractor. Here’s How

How do you know that a renovation contractor is the best one for the job? Is it even possible to make such a decision without seeing them in action? The short answer is yes and here’s the longer explanation.

Choosing a renovation contractor and an interior design team is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make for the future of your flat, office or commercial venue. This is why you need to invest some time and energy in doing your homework.

Many things will give you information about the reputation and professionalism of a team. Their communication style, range of completed projects, years of experience, warranties and referrals are all important.

But there’s one more thing that can help you feel confident in your final decision. An interactive 3D virtual tour of the premises that demonstrates the scope of the renovation will put the project in specific dimensions. Yet not all interior design companies or renovation contractors provide such design services to their customers.

Getting Multiple Quotes Is Essential but It Can Get Confusing

You can’t count on the preliminary interactions with just one service provider, especially if you’ve never worked on remodelling and interior design projects in the past. If you’re not selective enough, you’ll end up with a subpar offer that doesn’t necessarily meet all your needs.

Having a couple of preliminary consultations will make it much easier for you to compare services side by side. Such documents outline the specifics of the interaction, the cost and the timeframe for the completion of your project.

And while you’ll get clarity about the market and the scope of possibilities, you can also become a little bit confused.

Quotes aren’t always black and white. You may like a few aspects of one offer and a few aspects of another. Running into such a situation may slow down project execution and it may potentially contribute to choosing the wrong company for the job.

To prevent such issues from occurring, you can seek additional types of information from Singaporean renovation contractors.

How Interior Design Visualisations Can Help

Most reputable home and office interior and renovation companies can give their client 3D visualisations of what the completed project is going to look like.

While such services are pretty much the norm, most of them are not available free of charge. You’ll have to already made up your mind 100 percent on engaging the interior design service and have already made a deposit in order to benefit from the visualisation. Furthermore, this deposit does not come cheap as it is usually calculated as 10-20 percent of your total renovation contract.

The good news is that the market is starting to change. Competition is intensifying, which is why many renovation contractors are starting to change their approach. Some of the best renovation contractors and interior design companies out there are beginning to give clients access to a non-contractual 3D visualisation design service.

You should definitely take advantage of this opportunity because an interactive 3D simulation of the finished work will give you a great starting point to work off. You will be able to make better decisions based on the visualisation in terms of furniture arrangement, dimensions of carpentry, material, colour scheme, etc. Having a sure decision also helps in cost saving as it reduces the likelihood of last minute changes during the renovation, which will definitely incur additional cost from the re-purchasing of material to re-building of carpentry.

Very often, it’s very difficult to imagine what the outcome of a renovation is going to look like without a visual aid. Even if you have a vision and a few specific pointers for the contractor, imagining the finished property in its entirety is going to be pretty difficult.

Renovation contractors use professional software programs that can visualise every single detail of a specific property. Based on your input and the contractor’s vision, you’ll get a clear projection of how the property will be transformed.

In addition to the usual quotation, the interior design visualisation will give you a very specific idea about project execution. When these two elements are presented alongside each other, the choice of the final contractor becomes a much easier task.

The Way Our 3D Virtual Tour Service Works

Home Guide is a home interior design company in Singapore that offers clients a non-contractual 3D visualisation of the completed remodelling work. This means you do not have to sign a renovation contract with us and you do not need to pay a deposit.

Our 3D virtual tour provides a ton of vital information you cannot obtain in regular floor layout plans. Check out what the 3D 360º Virtual Tour looks likes and experience it for yourself!

Here’s how the solution works.

Instead of signing a renovation contract with Home Guide, the 360º virtual tour will be considered as a design service chargeable for a small fee that is in no way close to the deposit you need to pay in contract. This service is applicable across residential homes, commercial and retail spaces.

We will create the visualisation according to your requirements and preferences that we will gather during the free of charge first consultation with our team. Thereafter, we will proceed to create layout plans and 3D drawings. Upon confirmation, we will produce the 3D 360º Virtual Tour of your dream space. Find out more details about the engagement process of the visualisation design service.

Finally, if you are satisfied with the visualisation and our professional service, and decide to continue working with Home Guide on the execution of the project, the design fee for the 3D 360º virtual tour will be waived from the overall renovation cost. This means it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Without a contract, you get a detailed consultation, a visual of the outcome and a free professional solution that can help you make up your mind and organise your design.

Don’t hesitate to contact Home Guide and inquire about our preliminary consultations or the interior design visualisation opportunities. Or you can schedule a first consultation if you’re ready to get the process started sooner than later.

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