A Fresh New Space for a Dental Surgery Clinic

A Fresh New Space for a Dental Surgery Clinic

Creating a new space for a business requires careful planning and attention to detail. At Home Guide Design, we consider the unique needs of our client as we craft the initial plans and move into the construction phase. Discover how our design process resulted in a beautiful new dental surgery office in Singapore.

The Finished Work

The project involved altering a retail space and redesigning it to fit the needs of a dental surgery. The space originally housed two storefronts. Thanks to our plans, construction work, and interior design services in Singapore, those two stores became one cohesive dental office space, complete with a waiting area, reception area, X-ray room, four consultation rooms, and more.

dental clinic interior design singapore reception
The reception / lobby area
dental clinic interior design singapore passageway
dental clinic interior design singapore xray room
X-Ray room
Dental Clinic Interior Design Singapore Procedure Rooms
Procedure rooms


Before we start a project, we take the time to speak with our clients about their needs and wishes for the space. For the new dental surgery, we had an in-depth consultation about the requirements for the space. One unique area of this project was the X-ray room, which would need special shielding and was required to fit certain safety specifications.

The 3D Model

Dental Clinic Interior Design HomeAlive 360° 3D Rendering
HomeAlive 360° 3D render

After the consultation, our design team created a beautiful 3D digital model of the space. With a digital model like this, the client can actually take a virtual “walk” through the space, seeing the details and getting the big picture. At this point, our clients can make changes or introduce new ideas to the design until it is finalised just the way they like it.

Behind-the-Scenes Essentials

Usually, when we arrive on the scene to do our interior design work, we’re working with a room that’s down to the studs or lacking a floor. That way, we can customise the wiring, lighting, and water features of the room.

Once the essential piping and wiring is done, we continue installing the flooring, light fixtures, and other basics.

Customized floor

Special Features

As a dentist’s office and a surgery, this space had some unique requirements. In the procedural rooms, we installed piping for the air and water tools that are used in dental procedures. We also placed and secured the dental chairs.

Interior design for dental clinic - installation of the procedure room
Procedure room installation

For the X-ray room, we installed lead wall partitions to prevent radiation from escaping the space.

Interior Design for dental clinic lead partitions for x-ray room
Lead wall partitions

We also constructed raised platforms to accommodate the extra piping beneath the floors.

Dental Interior design Singapore, raised platform to hide extra piping
Raised platform to hide extra piping

The Challenges

With every project, some challenges arise. Perhaps materials don’t arrive on time, or a new feature needs to be squeezed in at the last moment. We consult our clients about every unexpected issue and every change to the design. With hard work and creativity, we can turn a problem into an opportunity, every time.

Once the first basic layers of the room are in place, we can work on the beauty aspects of the space.

Practical Details and Beautiful Finishes

The operational rooms feature the classic, sterile white that patients associate with cleanliness and spaciousness. The blue, red, or yellow dental chairs are vibrant spot of colour in each room.

In the lobby, the client wanted a spacious area for patients to wait. We installed a long bench with a padded back to absorb sound. Beautiful white marble with a swirl of jade grain was custom-cut and designed for the receptionist’s desk.

Interior Design Singapore for Dental Clinic accent wall installation
Installation of accent wall

Behind the luxurious desk, we created an accent wall finished with a silvery pattern. The wide windows flood the room with light, complementing the deep, restful grey hues of the wall panels and seating. .

If you have a need for retail interior design in Singapore, contact Home Guide Design. We’ll be happy to walk through each stage of the process with you and present you with a final product that welcomes your clients, meets your needs, and exceeds your expectations.

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