A No-Nonsense Guide to Arranging Furniture in a Small Bedroom

A No-Nonsense Guide to Arranging Furniture in a Small Bedroom

You have dreams of a beautiful bedroom but the reality is the space limitation is threatening to crush those dreams. Is this going to be mission impossible? Can you actually position a large and comfy bed, a vanity, nightstands and a chest of drawers in a small bedroom? With a bit of creativity and a good understanding of proper layouts in home interior design, you can.

Working with a small space is always challenging. Still, home interior designers rely on a couple of key rules and techniques to fit essentials inside without making the room feel cramped and overly stuffed.

If you want to make your small bedroom feel comfy and look beautiful, check out the following tips we have for you!

Position Larger Furniture First

This one is more of a general rule that can apply to every room in the home. It’s especially practical when it comes to dealing with small spaces because it lets you prioritise key items first.

Here’s what you need to do – start with the largest item in the room. For bedrooms, that would usually be the bed.

Once you have the bed positioned strategically, you can add all other pieces of furniture in relationship to that anchor. Depending on how much space you have left, some of the smaller and non-essential items can be removed from the room completely.

As an added tip, try to achieve symmetry.  Have the bed positioned centrally with equal amounts of space on either side. This way you can have the nightstands placed on both sides of the bed and a chest of drawers located opposite.

Symmetrical bedroom layouts make access to all furniture easy and they look properly organised. This is how the illusion of some extra space can be created without needing to work too hard for it.

Lose Traditional Storage Altogether

Are you dealing with a super tiny bedroom? In that case, consider losing traditional storage furniture and start getting creative.

The best approach will be to utilise the spaces that can’t be employed in any other way. The space under the bed, for example, is a wonderful choice for the placement of storage units.

Going vertical is another good way to go. Horizontal space is heavily limited in small flats. Stacking storage units on top of each other will prevent the occupation of too much horizontal space without forcing you to make a compromise with the amount of storage needed for your essential items.

Here’s one final suggestion to drive the point home – have an upholstered chest positioned at the foot of the bed. It will give you some extra storage space while also doubling as a seating area in the bedroom.

Get Creative with Placement

We’ve hinted at this possibility but let’s take a more detailed look at it because being creative with what furniture actually is can help you fit quite a lot in a small bedroom.

The chest example from the previous section highlights dual-purpose items and how these should definitely be added to a small bedroom.

To discuss the idea further, we can talk about the bedside table. You can actually fit a desk and a chair in a small bedroom. This way, you’ll have a little office corner that will also function as a bedside table or a vanity. Such a study desk is incredibly practical because it can be used to keep knick-knacks organized while also providing you with a work surface.

Also, if you want to have a TV set in a small bedroom, you can do so. There’s no need for the placement of shelving or a TV stand – remember the importance of preserving horizontal space. A wall-mounted TV is the perfect choice for a small bedroom that will give you convenience and usability without additional complications.

Edit, Edit, Edit!

Once you’ve come up with a furniture arrangement, try putting it to the test before considering the layout final.

Here’s a simple idea you can employ to make sure furniture placement is optimal – leave the room for some time and come back to it with an intention.

For example, pretend you need to get dressed and you have to put your makeup on before heading to the office in the morning. Attempt performing those tasks in your brand new bedroom. Are you bumping into things? Are furniture pieces organised in a way that slows you down?

If you find something illogical or restrictive in your new layout, you’ll have to edit. Reorganising or taking items out of the space can be difficult. Such a decision, however, will be essential to make your bedroom comfortable and usable.

Are you clueless about how to edit and what to change? Have you tried arranging your small bedroom to no avail? In that case, a bit of professional assistance is going to come in handy.

Home Guide has completed numerous residential projects in small spaces over the past years. We know what it takes to make a room “breathe” without compromising its functionality. Contact us and let’s get working on your dream home space with our home renovation service! A small flat doesn’t have to be a handicap. With a bit of planning and expertise, the size can be turned into an actual advantage – check out our 2-room HDB BTO renovation package!

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