All-White Interior Design – Can You Make it Work?

All-White Interior Design – Can You Make it Work?

White is an amazing colour. It creates the sensation of purity and it also makes a room look much bigger and brighter than it actually is. These are just two of the reasons why professional interior designers like to work with white so much, whether they’re doing residential interior design or commercial interior design work.

White interior designs, however, pose some challenges. They can be notoriously difficult to maintain in a pristine condition, which is why many Singapore home owners keep away from the all-white colour scheme.

Having white decorations and furnishings in your Singapore home can lead to a stunning outcome, especially if a few practical tips are followed during the interior design process.

Find the Right Shade of White

All-White Interior Design – Find the right shade of White

Experts that provide interior design services will first work with their clients on the selection of the right shade of white.

White is a generic term but there are various shades to choose among. The ease of the home maintenance and the final aesthetic appeal of the interior will both be heavily dependent on choosing the right shade of white.

The first distinction that will have to be made is between the warm and the cold undertones. The architecture of the home and the interior style that the owner is going for will determine whether a warmer or a cooler finish will work best.

Both natural light and artificial light being used will play a role in the selection of the right shade of white. An apartment that features a lot of natural light will look warmer. Such a living space can carry the cool white tones without looking too sterile. The use of LED or fluorescent lights during a large part of the day will result in a cooler tone throughout the house. A warmer white can balance the coolness of the artificial lights.

Choose the Right Furniture

All-White Interior Design – Find the right furniture

White furniture is incredibly stylish but there’s one thing to keep in mind – it will require upkeep.

You will need both functional and accent furniture. A couch, for example, should be chosen for comfort. Think carefully about upholstery or leather as the material that the couch is covered in. Which one will be easier to maintain? Which one will offer more longevity? Based on the choice, you may have to invest in the right equipment like a steam cleaner, for example.

White works equally well with metal and with wood. Thus, you have many options when it comes to the selection of chairs, tables and storage items.

Prints could also work really well as far as the furniture is concerned. Black and white combinations are really nice and they may be much easier to maintain than all-white pieces.

Add Some Texture to Boost the Visual Interest

All-White Interior Design – Add Texture

If you worry that white interior design is going to be boring, you will have to consider possibilities that increase the visual interest.

One of the options is adding a little splash of colour as a focal point. Alternatively, you can keep the interior design white and play with textures. While the second approach is a bit subtler, it can produce some stunning interiors.

Covering bricks in white is a simple example of a textured wall that creates visual interest without breaking the monochromatic appeal of the room.

An experienced interior designer will have dozens of ideas as far as texturing goes. Just open yourself to the possibilities and you may be surprised to find out how many amazing and trendy decoration ideas you have to choose among.

Break it up with Artwork or Greenery

All-White Interior Design – Break Up With Greenery

While the main interior design colour is going to be white, you’ll still have the option to break things up here and there.

Art and plants provide two great choices for a bit of visual distinction and appeal in every single room.

White interiors create the perfect canvas for highlighting pieces that you really love. Whether it’s contemporary art or family heirlooms, you will have a lot of freedom for placement and making the respective artwork the star of the interior design.

Green and flowering plants will help you accomplish the same. In addition, having something alive in your home can really break the eventual perceived sterility of the white design. One other great thing you can play around with is the pot that your plants are in. White ceramics, stone or clay – all of these materials will look beautiful in an all-white home.

Don’t Forget to Design a White Kitchen and Bathroom

All-White Interior Design – White Kitchen

When looking for the best interior design services, choose a company that can offer a comprehensive solution that includes the functional parts of the house. The most important ones are the kitchen and the bathroom.

The white theme applies perfectly to kitchens and bathrooms.

An all-white kitchen is ideal because the cupboards, the backsplash and the kitchen island will look ideal in the company of stainless steel appliances. Such a kitchen looks modern and minimalist. There’s nothing more you can want from it.

Finding white fixtures for the bathroom is an incredibly easy task because the colour is popular. You will simply have to pinpoint the right style. Will you go traditional and a bit rustic or will you be opting for modern, minimalist fixtures?

If you go for white tiles in the bathroom, keep in mind that they will need maintenance. Spots and splashes will show so a pattern or a colour combo may be a better pick.

Do you have an all-white interior design concept in mind? Are you looking for knowledgeable interior designers to bring it to reality? We will be more than happy to get involved in your project. Home Guide has been around since 1992. Our team is fully-HDB licensed and we have executed an array of design projects over the years.

Contact us today and we will share our experience with all-white executions, their strengths and their weaknesses.

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