Amazing Ways to Use Plywood in Your Upcoming Home Renovation

Amazing Ways to Use Plywood in Your Upcoming Home Renovation

Plywood is an affordable material crafted from sawdust, leftover pieces of wood, bark and other timbre pieces. Processed and glued together, these create a board that has numerous visible layers and a very distinctive appearance.

While some people don’t really enjoy the look of plywood, it’s an incredibly versatile material. The fact that it’s also affordable comes as an added benefit.

If you want the beauty and warmth of wood without the added expenditure, do consider plywood for your next renovation project. Here are some of the best ways to make it an elegant part of your brand new interior design.

Warm and Elegant Ceilings

The typical ceiling is all white and made of drywall – an appearance that’s a bit too mediocre and sterile. The addition of plywood boards will quickly transform your interior. And the fact that the material is positioned high makes plywood difficult to distinguish from regular hardwood.

An added benefit of using plywood for your ceiling is that you can customise its appearance. A light-coloured or a dark stain can immediately give you a comprehensive transformation. While light tones are great to make the space appear bigger, darker tones deliver a ton of elegance.

The shape and size of the plywood boards depends entirely on the size of your ceiling and your individual preferences. Pairing plywood with a couple of solid beams will give you that Alpine chalet feeling without getting you breaking the bank.

The Perfect Kitchen Renovation

We simply can’t skip over the multiple uses of plywood in a kitchen renovation.

The first thing you need to understand about such a project is that plywood isn’t a waterproof material. Fortunately, waterproofing this kind of wood is a fairly easy task. Sealants, varnish and epoxy can all be used to achieve this effect while also transforming the appearance of the board.

Cabinetry and wall panelling crafted from plywood give you something very different from the traditional kitchen appearance. Plywood can also be used as modular storage systems, as well. These look a bit more innovative than standard cabinetry and can be a very functional choice for a space-starved kitchen.

You can even discover plywood tiles on the market and these are tremendously versatile. It’s really up to you to decide whether to place such tiles on the walls, floors or somewhere as a decorative element in the kitchen.

Plywood as a Flooring Material

Who wouldn’t want to have splendid hardwood floors in their flat? Unfortunately, genuine hardwood can cost a fortune and many Singaporean homeowners simply can’t afford it.

If you’re one of the people looking for an alternative, plywood will be a lovely choice.

Plywood sheets and engineered wood panels are very practical and aesthetically pleasing. Very often, they’ll look just like a genuine hardwood parquet. And if that’s not your thing, you can adopt a more innovative approach. Plywood that looks like tiles or larger boards will be much more interesting and unconventional.

Finally, if you want something really, really modern, choose plywood that’s covered in a coat of paint. You’ll still get the pattern of actual wood and a fresh colour that will quickly open up the space or tie into the rest of the interior design.

The Elegant Style of Plywood Furniture

Furniture items are often statement pieces that really serve as a focal point in a particular room.

Plywood can give traditional furniture a very interesting twist, especially if you want something fresher and more unusual.

Chairs, tables, storage systems, entertainment units, bookcases, nightstands and many other furniture pieces can be made from plywood. Even larger pieces like beds are easy to make from plywood boards. The material is very sturdy and easy to stain/colour, which results in distinctive vibes that tie in with the rest of the interior design.

You can even have plywood headboards, folding desks, stackable shelves and rockers or recliners. Plywood is a material that will easily be crafted in various shapes. Beautiful curves and clean lines will work with the layered appearance of the material. Plywood also looks lovely alongside other materials like leather, velvet and natural textiles like cotton and linen.

You don’t always have to go for the most expensive option in order to enjoy beauty and quality. Plywood gives you both. It’s perfect for DIY projects and for more complex executions. Let the Home Guide team help you with the selection of the right materials and designs. Contact us now and we’ll do our best to meet your budget while giving you that dream home you’ve always wanted.

Fast Furniture

The term fast furniture refers to mass manufactured pieces. They are affordable, readily available and completely featureless.

You don’t want any element in your home to be personality-deprived. That’s why it’s time to ditch fast furniture and look for signature pieces instead.

Apart from being so boring (and even ugly!), fast furniture isn’t necessarily the bargain you think it may be.

That’s because fast furniture isn’t perfectly matched to your home’s aesthetic and function.

Multi-purpose furniture pieces are such a better pick. True, they will often need to be custom made. That’s especially true for home owners who have a very particular idea in mind. Multi-purpose furniture, however, can replace a couple of pieces. That’s how it actually saves money. Also, going for such products reduces clutter and gives you better living conditions. All of these perks are worth investing in.

Alternatively, you can seek vintage items that have a distinctive look. Many of these authentic pieces brag fine craftsmanship and high quality materials. Depending on where you’ve found them, vintage furniture pieces can cost a fraction of fast furniture’s price tag.

Don’t be a follower in 2023, work with Home Guide’s home interior designers for a one-of-a-kind beautiful and personality-filled new home We can help you express yourself and create the most authentically unique home. Contact Home Guide for a definitive transformation.

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