An Easy Guide to Understand the HDB Electrical Guidelines

An Easy Guide to Understand the HDB Electrical Guidelines

Everybody who lives in Singapore must be familiar with the HDB (Housing Development Board) Authorities and their guidelines. These are extremely important to know, especially if you’re dabbling with interior design in Singapore. All HDB guidelines are related to many genres of renovation works that you must get done in order to fully refurbish your house. Every interior design company in Singapore must be familiar with these guidelines.

Electrical works consist of all networks of electricity supply – whether you wish to upgrade to install new connections or even rewire. HDB has laid out an extensive guideline for you to follow while getting your electrical works done during a home renovation. Let’s take a look at all the things you should know about this specific genre of renovation.


1. Application for HDB Endorsement for New Electrical Supply

First of all, you or any interior design company in Singapore that you hire will have to fill out an application for HDB endorsement for a new electrical supply if you wish to start from scratch. We’re going to explain through a step-by-step guide about how you can get an HDB endorsement for a new electrical supply.

– The very first thing you should know is that you have to get an HDB certified permit for new electrical networking in your renovation.

– Note that the HDB endorsement is needed for the application you fill out for SP Services Ltd. This is a leading energy utility company that owns and operates electricity and gas transmissions in Singapore.

– After this, you will hire a licensed electrical worker (LEW), who will submit all relevant single-line drawings, CS5 or CS7 to the SP Services and HDB authorities in order to get an endorsement. Almost every interior design company in Singapore is affiliated with one.

– After the approval of electrical works drawings from the authorities, the LEW becomes fully responsible for all electrical installations and must make sure that any additional rewiring doesn’t exceed the approved electrical load of the premises.

– HDB even has a list of licensed electrical works contractors on their website. You can browse from there.

– Note that your LEW is in charge of all electrical works, and he can get HDB as well as SP services approval by submitting the drawings to the authorities via this email address:  ipgmail@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg.


2. Application for HDB Endorsement to Upgrade Electricity Supply

Every interior design in Singapore is customized to the needs of the user. This means that even electrical works can need an upgrade to fit the design. So you need an HDB endorsement to upgrade from the original electrical design load. Here’s how you should go about that:

– First off, you’ll need to apply for an HDB approved permit to upgrade the electrical works.

– Given the approved permit, all registered industrial tenants can upgrade the existing electrical load to a higher one.

– For residential settings, you have to appoint a licensed electrical worker (LEW) who will download, fill-up and submit all relevant forms and drawings to the HDB authorities for approval through CORENET-ESS.

– After that, the LEW would make payments to the authorities and collect the endorsement. This endorsement form would be submitted to the SP Services for approval.

– At the end, the clients LEW would meet with the HDB appointed LEW to inspect and turn-on the electricity supply.

– Not that the upgrading fee is based on the current upgrading charge, i.e., $45 per additional ampere for rentals and $85 per additional ampere per phase.

Home Guide designs is one of the leading interior design companies in Singapore, and is therefore affiliated with the right LEW’s. Working with us can certainly make your electrical works easy to deal with!

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