An Easy Model To Understanding HDB’s Machinery/Equipment Installation Guidelines

An Easy Model To Understanding HDB’s Machinery/Equipment Installation Guidelines

The HDB guidelines have always been there to guide every aspect of construction and renovation in Singapore. From building works, electrical, mechanical, sanitary and even air conditioning, these guidelines cover each and every side of a renovation that could later cause problems to the residents of a building. This is why every interior design company in Singapore has to carefully follow these guidelines very specifically.

The Singapore Housing Development Board is very particular about maintaining the overall structural and aesthetical integrity of their architecture. Therefore, they’ve written some clear-cut rules when it comes to the installation of even miscellaneous items such as machinery and equipment in any building. Further, we’ll be looking at the guidelines that every interior design company in Singapore has to respect with respect to these items.

1. Machinery/Equipment Installation

There are some strict requirements to follow when the machinery or equipment you’re installing in the building weighs more than 400kgs. Let’s look at some major things you need to know:

– In case your machine/equipment weighs less than 400kg, you will not have to apply for a permit granted that you do not obstruct any inbuilt fire-fighting escapes or equipment’s.

– However, if your machinery weighs more than 400kg, you’ll definitely have to apply for an HDB permit.

– Furthermore, you’ll have to hire a Qualified Person to conduct a structural analysis. They will calculate the requirements to create uniformly distributed weight and its execution.

– Keep in mind that this machinery/equipment should not overload a structure.

– These machines should also be shock absorbent and their noise should be dampened.

2. Chiller Room Installation

A chiller room is where all the cold storage is carried out. Any respectable interior design company in Singapore will tell you that very specific structural as well as permissive aspects have to be followed for the installation of a chiller room.

– First off, you’ll have to get a permit from the requisite HDB authorities.

– After that, a properly drafted drawing has to be submitted to the authorities that will indicate the location, dimension and the total operating weight of the chiller room.

– A Qualified Person would have to create a structurally sound proposal that will ensure that the total imposed load is less than existing floor imposed load. If not, then a reinforced concrete plinth or a steel base will have to be installed.

– Proper drainage and discharge traps will have to be installed into the chiller room. For more details, you can go through the official HDB guidelines.

3. Cooling Tower Installation

A cooling tower is the accompanying equipment of your Air Conditioning Units. It is usually installed on the rooftop and is out of sight. According to the HDB guidelines, you’ll have to get endorsement from the HDB authorities as well as the Singapore Civil Defence Force’s Fire Safety & Shelter Department (SCDF FSSD), and Building and Construction Authority for the installation of cooling towers.

4. Safe Installation

If you’re looking to install a safe in your home or even office, then getting a permit completely depends on the weight of the safe. If your safe weighs more than 400kg, only then will you have to apply for an official HDB permit.
– If the safe is less than 400kg in weight, then aside from a few obvious rules you will not be subject to apply for a permit granted that you do not block off the firefighting equipment and escape route.

– But if the weight of your safe exceeds 400kg, you’ll have to hire a Qualified Person to conduct a structural analysis who will deliver solutions to equally distribute the load of the safe. Every interior design company in Singapore is aware of these setbacks and works with them accordingly.

5. Car Lift/Car-o-Liner Installation

Anyone looking to install a building oriented Car Lift or Car-o-Liner has to get a permit from the requisite HDB authorities. Here’s all you need to know about it:

– You’ll have to stringently follow the structural requirements.

– The catalogues, along with the size and dimensions of the lifts would have to be submitted.

– A Qualified Person would be hired to carry out an existing structural analysis, and then provide an alternative structural stability strategy for the installation.

– Overloading the structure is definitely out of the question.

– In case of installation of a hydraulic car-o-liner, you would have to get a permit from the HDB along with the BCA authorities.

Home Guide Design has been in the industry long enough to understand and value the importance of these guidelines. Our company is well versed in all the minutiae’s and will save you a lot of time trying to manage everything on your own.

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